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jb CBB60 AC Motor Running Capacitor --- JFS


Electrical apparatue use metalized film with precisely quality control. 
Low D.F. (dissipation factor), lower temperature rise. 
High I.R. (insulation resistance) and small size. 
Good capacitance stability, Excellent self-healigh property.
Applicable for AC single-way motor with 50~60Hz frequency, CE approval.

Operating Condition       : -25℃~+70℃
Capacitance Range       : 1uF~100uF(JFS-10~18) 
Capacitance Tolerance :  J(±5%)、K(±10%) 
Rated Voltage                  : 250V 450V (AC)
Withstand Voltage           :AC≥2UR 2S(lmax≤1.3 lnA) 
Dissipation Factor          : ≤0.004 1KHz(JFS-10~18) 
Insulation Resistance    : ≥3000S
CE approval and RoHS compliant, Class of safety protection P0
Electrical micro pump, baric pump, micro motor , washing machine, power save, generator and high efficiency compressors of refrigerators etc