jb Special Competitive Offer for SMD E-Cap in Spring

jb capacitors company Much more better support for SMD type aluminum electrolytic capacitors during Spring! (Feburary ~ April)

In order to help our customers win more market shares and find more business for SMD Aluminum Electrolytic capacitors, we expanded again our SMD type aluminum electrolytic capacitors production line. 

We can offer you below SMD type aluminum electrolytic capacitors with very competitive prices , short delivery time and reliable high quality, welcome to send us your inquiries for cost down. 

Below Cross guide fyi. 

jb capacitors Samwha Yageo Jamicon Lelon Samxon Fujicon
JCS (2,000hrs at 85) SC CA CS, CR VE, VSS  VSS CS
JCK  (1,000~2,000hrs at 105) RC CB CT VES, VEJ VKS CK
JCC (2,000hrs at 85, low leakage)   NG CA  VEC   SC
JCD  (2,000hrs at 105, low impedance) CK SQ CF VZS VZS LZ
JCE (3,000hrs at 105) JM     VEU VRL EL
JCL (5,000hrs at 105) CA   CU VEU   KL
JCN (1,000hrs at 85), Bi-polar)     CP     CN
JCZ (3,000hrs at 105, extra low impedance) CM   CZ   VRF KZ
jb capacitors Elna Nichicon NIPPON, CHEMI-CON Rubycon Panasonic Epcos
JCS (2,000hrs at 85) RV2 UWX MVA SEV EEE-_ A/S B41112/B41115
JCK  (1,000~2,000hrs at 105) RVS, RVL UWT MVE SKV EEE-HA(B) B41121 /B41123 /
B41125 (2,000hours)
JCC (2,000hrs at 85, low leakage)   WX        
JCD  (2,000hrs at 105, low impedance) RVZ WF MZA (2,000hrs) TZV EEE-FC B41141, B41145
MVY (1,000~2,000hrs)
JCE (3,000hrs at 105)   UA MVL (3,000hrs) SJV EEE-HC  
JCN (1,000hrs at 85), Bi-polar)   WP     EEE-V__A___N  
JCZ (3,000hrs at 105, extra low impedance)   UD MLA   EEE-FK B41142


jb Marketing Manager Offer Special Help to JFX Customers

Dear JFX Customers,

Good day, This is Marketing Manager Iris from jb Capacitors Company. 
In order to give best service to all of JFX customers, we choose below three typical types of situation. We hope we can help you by all means.  

A: We know you have ordered jb audio capacitors before or you are ordering now. Highly appreciated.
How do you think about our JFX price, L/T, quality, packing? Do you satisfied with our service ?

B: Do you still keep jb audio capacitors samples on hand? Do you satisfied with their quality? When will you order from us ?
You are expertise, all your comments are critical to us to make improvement, please let us hear your voice.

C: Are you feel incredible that jb audio capacitors price can compete with Jantzen, Mundorf, Erse.
How do you think our last quotation to you for these capacitors? With such competitive price, why not order from us ?

We hope our JFX can bring you more business chance and help you gain more market share.
If you need any special help or assistance, please just let me know. I am here on behalf of jb GM to serve you directly.
Waiting for your new order to start a good beginning in year 2015. We are just your best choice. 

Know more about jb best audio capacitor JFX here : http://www.filmcap.hk/post/24.html

Best Regards, 

Ms Iris  
Marketing Manager --- jb Capacitors Company
Email: iris@jbcapacitors.com  Web: www.jbcapacitors.com
Blog:    www.jbcapacitors.hk   Blog: www.filmcap.hk

jb High Quality Products are Spoke Highly by Customers

Do you know our JFS Motor Capacitors is very popular in current market? Many professional manufacture and distributor approve our high quality and keep buy from us.

We would like to share you below value comments from our other customers: If you buy Motor Capacitors, welcome to send us inquiry list and check our price.

1. " I think JFS price is rather good. Your company is rather famous and we have not received reclamations from our customers.
With Best Regards,
Paul "

2. " About JFS quality, for now we are really satisfied of quality of capacitors, after some time "JB" should became a strong brand in our offer and I will tell you more about that. We are thinking about became your distributor.  I want back to the topic. We are preparing new order, because we are really satisfied of quality.
Z poważaniem / Best Regards
Mr. Sebastian Jakubczyk
Specjalista ds. IT ."

Kindly Notice:  jb sales team will work as normal during Chinese Spring Festival, welcome to send any your request of capacitors, we will give you the fastest response!

Happy Chinese New Year  恭喜发财!
Best regards from jb Capacitors Company


jb Tell You The Basic Structure of An Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitor

jb Capacitors manufactures and markets Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors, including Snap-in Type 
Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors, Screw Type Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors, Lug Type Aluminum 
Electrolytic Capacitors and Leaded Radial Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors , also SMD Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors.

Today we would like to share with the the basic structure of  jb Snap-in Type Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors. 

1, The most important part is the Core , or called as element. 
Aluminum electrolytic capacitor winding core is made of aluminum foil anode, electrolytic paper, aluminum foil cathode , electrolytic paper, totally made four layers overlap;

2, The Can or Case, witch is made of aluminum material.

3, The Sleeve. usually insulating sleeve is made by PVC or PET material and with different colors. The most common color is black.

4, The Terminal. For snap in type, the terminal usually are two pins. But still with different lead out portion types, like wire, chips, screws. 

5, The Sealing Materail . Rubber stopper (EPDM rubber, butyl rubber), lug cover (needle cover, U-shaped lug cover), screw the cover (cover phenolic resin, polyphenylene sulfide resin Cover)

jb Snap-in Type Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors Competitive Offer during Chinese Spring Festival

jb Capacitors Company produce top high quality for snap-in type aluminum electrolytic capacitors, including below  types:

JNC- Snap-in, aluminum electrolytic capacitors, 2000hours at 85C'
JNE- Snap-in, Aluminum electrolytic capacitors, 2000hours at 105C'
JNJ- Snap-in, Aluminum electrolytic capacitors, 3000hours at 105C'
JNG- Snap-in, Aluminum electrolytic capacitors, 5000hours at 85C'
JNK- Snap-in, Aluminum electrolytic capacitors, 5000hours at 105C'

Cross guide: 

Snap in Terminals Load Life jb capacitors Epcos Nippon Nichicon Panasonic
2000h at 85C JNC B41231 SMQ LS TS-UQ
B43510/B43520 SMH LG T-UP
3000h at 85C B43511/B43521 SMM    
2000h at 105C JNE B41252 KMQ, KMH GG TS-MD
B43515/B43525 KMR AK,AQ  
5000h at 85C JNG B43501      
3000h at 105C JNJ   KMS GU TS-ED
5000h at 105c JNK B41505 LXS GY  
B43505 LXG GX  
Load Life jb capacitors Samwha Kendeil Yageo DAEWOO
2000h at 85C JNC HC K26 LH FHS
AM     FHX
3000h at 85C       FHT
2000h at 105C JNE HE K25 LG FUH
5000h at 85C JNG   K06    
3000h at 105C JNJ HE   LV FUT
5000h at 105c JNK HL K05 LC FUL

Power supplies, control panels, LED Drivers, Amplifers, Unit power systems, SMPS etc..

jb JRB 105℃ Radial Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors Ammo Packing

Do you have interest for below our JRB 105℃ radial aluminum electrolytic capacitors ? 
Many customers buy from us with huge quantity and long list, our prices can help you more stronger among your competitors!

Please send to me your RFQ list, let us cross and quote for you. Free samples are ready for you.

Cross Guide : Epcos B41851, B43851, Rubycon PX, YXA, Samwha RD, RM, Panasonic ECA-HG etc...

Datasheet :

Manufacturer : jb Capacitors

jb Capacitors Company Produces Customized Motor Capacitors

Dear Motor capacitors buyers,

Besides standard 32 types JFS Motor running capacitors, "jb" also produces other Special customized motor capacitors. like 3-Wire Microfarad Ceiling Fan / Motor Capacitor.

Quite high quality, and great discount based on good quantity!

Hence, If you don't find your wanted type on our JFS Datasheet, welcome to contact our sales, we are glad to hear from you!

JFS datasheet: www.jbcapacitors.com/pdf/JFS-Motor-Capacitor.pdf

single-phase AC induction motors, electromagnetic oven, Washing machines, electric fans, microwave ovens, rice cookers, bread machine, juice machine, HVAC equipment ; Fan, inverter, electric welding machine, signal coupling circuit, filter, audio frequency division circuit, TV, acoustics, frequency converter, motion controller, Water pump motor; pump motor, electrical machine, electric motor, single phase motors, Compressors, Household Appliances, Asynchronous Motors  

Round Case Motor Run Capacitors,CBB60/CBB61/CBB65 motor capacitors,terminals motor capacitors, VAC Run Capacitor, Metallized motor capacitors for engines, motor capacitors with cable/wires,VAC cylindrical motor capacitors,cylindrical terminals motor capacitors,Box type VAC motor capacitors,MKP motor capacitors,metallized polypropylene motor capacitors,rectangular terminals CBB61 capacitors...