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Keywords: Polarised, DC power supply circuit, large capacitance.

Electrolytic Capacitors are generally used when very large capacitance values are required. Here instead of using a very thin metallic film layer for one of the electrodes, a semi-liquid electrolyte solution in the form of a jelly or paste is used which serves as the second electrode (usually the cathode). The dielectric is a very thin layer of oxide which is grown electro-chemically in production with the thickness of the film being less than ten microns. This insulating layer is so thin that it is possible to make capacitors with a large value of capacitance for a small physical size as the distance between the plates, D is very small.

The majority of electrolytic types of capacitors are Polarised, that is the DC voltage applied to the capacitor terminals must be of the correct polarity, i.e. positive to the positive terminal and negative to the negative terminal as an incorrect polarisation will break down the insulating oxide layer and permanent damage may result. All polarised electrolytic capacitors have their polarity clearly marked with a negative sign to indicate the negative terminal and this polarity must be followed.

Electrolytic Capacitors are generally used in DC power supply circuits due to their large capacitances and small size to help reduce the ripple voltage or for coupling and decoupling applications. One main disadvantage of electrolytic capacitors is their relatively low voltage rating and due to the polarisation of electrolytic capacitors, it follows then that they must not be used on AC supplies. Electrolytic's generally come in two basic forms: Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors and Tantalum Electrolytic Capacitors.


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Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors

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jb High Voltage Film Capacitors

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JFA--Mylar polyester film capacitors, offer 1000V, 1250V

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jb tell you How to test a capacitor

key words: film capacitor. electrolytic capacitor

If you always purchase many kinds of film capacitors, or electrolytic capacitors, you should know how to test the capacitors.
1. Remove the suspected faulty capacitor from the unit. If it's a high powered capacitor, it will still hold a high charge. Discharge the capacitor by using a metal screwdriver with a handle that's insulated. Touch the metal end of the screwdriver to both metal terminals at the same time to discharge any power left in them.
2. Turn on the capacitor tester and make sure it's getting power. Plug in the tester probes according to the instructions on the meter. Set the selector to an OHM scale before testing the capacitor. Some meters will have an OHM setting pre-set for you.
3. Touch the leads together so that the meter will zero out by adjusting the wheel on the meter
4. Note where the meter points to before touching the wires to the capacitor. Then touch the terminals of the capacitor with the red probe, which will go on the left, and the black probe which will go on the right.
5. Watch the pointer on the meter. The needle should move away from the left side, or the infinity, and veer toward the right before returning to the infinity. It should move further to the right when the probes are reversed. This means the capacitor is good. If the needle goes all the way to the right side and doesn't return to the left, or infinity side, the capacitor is bad, or it has shorted out.

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jb Film Capacitors

Keywords : radial lead type, axial lead type, plastic film, paper, polystyrene.

Film Capacitors which use polystyrene, polycarbonate or Teflon as their dielectrics are sometimes called "Plastic capacitors". The construction of plastic film capacitors is similar to that for paper film capacitors but use a plastic film instead of paper. The main advantage of plastic film capacitors compared to impregnated-paper types is that they operate well under conditions of high temperature, have smaller tolerances, a very long service life and high reliability. Examples of film capacitors are the rectangular metallised film and cylindrical film & foil types as shown below.

Radial Lead Type
Axial Lead Type

The film and foil types of capacitors are made from long thin strips of thin metal foil with the dielectric material sandwiched together which are wound into a tight roll and then sealed in paper or metal tubes.  These film types require a much thicker dielectric film to reduce the risk of tears or punctures in the film, and is therefore more suited to lower capacitance values and larger case sizes.

Metallized foil capacitors have the conductive film metallized sprayed directly onto each side of the dielectric which gives the capacitor self-healing properties and can therefore use much thinner dielectric films. This allows for higher capacitance values and smaller case sizes for a given capacitance. Film and foil capacitors are generally used for higher power and more precise applications.

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jb Capacitors Company Certifications

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jb Capacitors Company produce Box type Film Capacitors as below:

  • *JFD--Box Metallized Polyester Film Capacitors
  • *JFJ--Mini box stacked Met Polyester Film Capacitors
  • *JFM--Box Metallized Polypropylene Film Capacitors
  • *JFQ--Double Sided Box Metallized Polypropylene Film Capacitors
  • *JFV--X2 Metallized Polypropylene Film Capacitors, Box type

jb tell you How a capacitor work?

Key words: non-conducting substance, electrons,ultra capacitor, plastic film capacitor Super capacitor, Mylar capacitor, Ceramic Capacitor, In a way, a capacitor is a little like a battery. Although they work in completely different ways, capacitors and batteries both store electrical energy. If you've seen a battery before, then you know that a battery has two terminals. Inside the battery, chemical reactions produce electrons on one terminal and absorb electrons on the other terminal. A capacitor is much simpler than a battery, as it can't produce new electrons -- it only stores them.

Inside the capacitor, the terminals connect to two metal plates separated by a non-conducting substance, or dielectric. You can easily make a capacitor from two pieces of aluminium foil and a piece of paper. It won't be a particularly good capacitor in terms of its storage capacity, but it will work.

In theory, the dielectric can be any non-conductive substance. However, for practical applications, specific materials are used that best suit the capacitor's function. Mica, ceramic, cellulose, porcelain, Mylar, Teflon and even air are some of the non-conductive materials used. The dielectric dictates what kind of capacitor it is and for what it is best suited. Depending on the size and type of dielectric, some capacitors are better for high frequency uses, while some are better for high voltage applications. Capacitors can be manufactured to serve any purpose, from the smallest plastic capacitor in your calculator, to an ultra capacitor that can power a commuter bus. Here are some of the various types of capacitors and how they are used.

  • Air - Often used in radio tuning circuits
  • Mylar - Most commonly used for timer circuits like clocks, alarms and counters
  • Glass - Good for high voltage applications
  • Ceramic - Used for high frequency purposes like antennas, X-ray and MRI machines
  • Super capacitor - Powers electric and hybrid cars

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