Discover the Power of Tantalum Capacitors with jb Capacitors!

  Introducing our versatile lineup of tantalum capacitors designed to meet your diverse needs:

🔶JTA - Dipped Tantalum Capacitors:
Looking for reliability and stability? Our JTA series boasts epoxy-coated, radial-lead, polarized tantalum capacitors. Small yet mighty, they offer a long lifespan and exceptional performance in electrical and storage applications. Perfect for laptops, automotive electronics, cell phones, and more!

🔶 JTB - SMD Chip Tantalum Capacitors:
Meet the future of circuitry with our JTB series! These standard SMD chip tantalum capacitors feature a flame retardant coating, low leakage current, and impedance, all packaged in a compact form. Ideal for high-density circuitry in various applications, from automotive to telecommunications.

🔶 JTC - SMD Chip Tantalum Capacitors Low ESR:
Experience enhanced efficiency with our JTC series! These low ESR chip tantalum capacitors offer stability, reliability, and a long lifespan. With an epoxy molded package and easy integration, they're the perfect choice for industrial and automotive decoupling and filtering applications.

🔶 JTD - SMD Conductive Polymer Chip Tantalum Capacitors:
Step into the future with our JTD series! Ultra-low ESR, high reliability, and heat resistance make these conductive polymer chip tantalum capacitors a top choice for high-frequency applications. From notebook PCs to telecommunications devices, JTD capacitors excel in compact, high-performance electronics.

At jb Capacitors, we're committed to delivering quality and innovation. Explore our tantalum capacitor range today and unlock the potential of your electronics! Feel free to contact us at for more information.
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Discover the Power of Tantalum Capacitors with jb Capacitors!

Empowering Success: Stories of Gratitude and Achievement Through Sponsorship with jb Capacitors

We’re delighted to share stories of gratitude and achievement stemming from our sponsorship programs. With jb Capacitors' support, students have not only excelled academically but also engaged in charitable endeavors, embodying the spirit of compassion.

One such individual recently passed a teaching certification exam, expressing deep appreciation for jb Capacitors' role in their success. These heartfelt letters underscore the profound impact of our company's support, rooted in both technical expertise and philanthropic values.

By intertwining our commitment to capacitor excellence with a dedication to charitable causes, jb Capacitors is not just investing in education; we're fostering a culture of kindness and empowerment that extends beyond academia.

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Empowering Success: Stories of Gratitude and Achievement Through Sponsorship with jb Capacitors


Super Capacitors from jb capacitors — JGZ series

 I would like to introduce you our Super Capacitor which is also known as ultra-capacitor or double-layer electrolytic capacitor.
Please be awareness of our Super Capacitor--JGZ series--2.7V 3V Radial / Snap-in / Screw Type, below are its excellent features and widely usages:

1High energy and high power
2.Low ESR
3.Pb-free and RoHS compliant

2.Detonator recorder meter
5.vacuum switch...etc.

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Super Capacitors from jb capacitors — JGZ series

Discover Precision with JBR-065/JBR-063 Trimming Potentiometers

Are you seeking precision in your electronic circuitry? Look no further than JBR-065 and JBR-063 Trimming Potentiometers.

These miniature adjustable electrical components are designed to meet your needs for accuracy and reliability across various applications.

At JB Capacitors, we take pride in offering Trimming Potentiometers that cater to diverse requirements. Our JBR-065 and JBR-063 models exemplify precision engineering, making them ideal for applications where accuracy is paramount.

• Single turn Trimming Potentiometer.
• Phenolic Trimming Potentiometer.
• Cross slot rotor.
• Tops adjust and side adjust available.

Please feel free to contact us by: for more information. Thank you.

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Discover Precision with JBR-065/JBR-063 Trimming Potentiometers