Discover Precision with JBR-065/JBR-063 Trimming Potentiometers

Are you seeking precision in your electronic circuitry? Look no further than JBR-065 and JBR-063 Trimming Potentiometers.

These miniature adjustable electrical components are designed to meet your needs for accuracy and reliability across various applications.

At JB Capacitors, we take pride in offering Trimming Potentiometers that cater to diverse requirements. Our JBR-065 and JBR-063 models exemplify precision engineering, making them ideal for applications where accuracy is paramount.

• Single turn Trimming Potentiometer.
• Phenolic Trimming Potentiometer.
• Cross slot rotor.
• Tops adjust and side adjust available.

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Discover Precision with JBR-065/JBR-063 Trimming Potentiometers

Introducing JB Capacitors' Trimming Potentiometers: Precision and Performance

While you may already be familiar with jb’s extensive range of capacitors, I wanted to bring your attention to another product line which has significant attention - Trimming Potentiometers.

Precision Engineering: Our Trimming Potentiometers are meticulously engineered to offer precise control over resistance values.
Competitive Pricing: We offer our Trimming Potentiometers at highly competitive prices, ensuring that you receive excellent value for your investment in today's competitive market.
Quality Assurance: At JB Capacitors, quality is our top priority. Our Trimming Potentiometers undergo rigorous testing to ensure they meet the highest standards of performance and reliability.
Fast and Flexible Service: Whether you require a quick quote, samples for evaluation, or assistance with technical specifications, our team is here to support you every step of the way.

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Introducing JB Capacitors' Trimming Potentiometers: Precision and Performance

New product line of jb Capacitors Company-Trimming Potentiometers

Expanding product line is jb’s long term goal. It is important to satisfy customer’s demands.
jb’s new product line is JBR-Trimming Potentiometers. Trimming Potentiometers come in a variety of sizes and levels of precision. For example, JBR-065 / JBR-063 Trimming Potentiometers and JBR-3323 Trimming Potentiometers, multi-turn trim potentiometers exist, in which it takes several turns of the adjustment screw to reach the end value, allowing for very high degrees of accuracy. More details please check below specification.
A trimmer is a miniature adjustable electrical component. Trimming Potentiometers can be variable resistors, variable capacitors, trimmable inductors. They are common in precision circuitry like A/V components, and may need to be adjusted when the equipment is serviced.
Unlike many other variable controls, trimmers are mounted directly on circuit boards, turned with a small screwdriver and rated for many fewer adjustments over their lifetime. Trimmers like trimmable inductors and trimmable capacitors are usually found in superhet radio and television receivers, in the Intermediate frequency, oscillator and RF circuits. They are adjusted into the right position during the alignment procedure of the receiver.

Different types of Trimming Potentiometers, offered by jb

Trimming Potentiometers can be used by different application including satellite receivers, superhet radio and television receivers and so on.

jb Capacitor Company offers many types of trimming potentiometers, like Single-turn Variable Trimming Potentiometers, SMD Trimming Potentiometers, Multiturn Trimming Potentiometers, etc.

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jb JBR Trimming potentiometers

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If you are looking for reliable supplier of Trimming potentiometers in China, you can look for our JBR series.
}We offer full type: 065 / 3006 / 3266 / 3309 / 3323 / 3329 / 3362 / 3386 / 3540 / 3590 / C3305 / 3269 / 3306
Today let us introduce 3296 type, below is its general specification, and this is also our most popular type.

Please mail to us your RFQ, we will offer the most favorable prices to you.
Standard Resistance: 10Ω – 5MΩ
Temperature Range: -55℃ ~ +125℃
Withstand Voltage: 220VDC
Resistance Tolerance: +/-10%; +/-20% for 10 ohm
Power rating: 0.5W @ 70’C, 0W @ 125’C

jb Capacitors Company offer Trimming Potentiometers

Trimming Potentiometers, do you need? It is an adjustable electrical component, they can be found in Precision equipment, like automobile switch, electric vehicle driver, radio control equipment, electric bicycle repair electronic scale.

Trimming Potentiometers are mounted directly on circuit boards, turned with a small screwdriver and rated for many fewer adjustments over their lifetime. It can adjust various problems of the circuit by itself. It has many shapes and can be applied to any device.

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Trimming Potentiometers list 
JBR-065 tops adjust and side adjust available Trimming Potentiometers
JBR-3006 3 Terminal Styles Trimming Potentiometers
JBR-3266 5 Terminal Styles Trimming Potentiometers
JBR-3309 2 Terminal Styles Single Turn Trimming Potentiometers
JBR-3323 7 Terminal Styles Trimming Potentiometers
JBR-3329 4 Terminal Styles Trimming Potentiometers
JBR-3362 9 Terminal Styles Trimming Potentiometers
JBR-3386 Single-turn Variable Trimming Potentiometers
JBR-3540 50% relative Humidity Trimming Potentiometers
JBR-3590 2 Shaft Styles Trimming Potentiometers
JBR-C3305 with Rotation Stopper Trimming Potentiometers