jb JFX Audio Film Capacitors--Best Capacitor on Sound Application

Dear Purchasing Manager,

Hello! This is Ms. Lilian from jb capacitors company, so nice to write to you. We are professional 
manufacturer for MKT MKP film capacitors since 1980. visit our website: www.jbcapacitors.com  

Today, I bring you our most strong series Film capacitors----JFX series Axial type premium metallized polypropylene film capacitor, pls. check below our datasheet and photo. 
This JFX series Axial type MKP film capacitor, widely used in Passive Crossovers, Loud speakers, amplifiers etc...high end audio equipments. 

Compare with Mundorf, Auri cap, Mallory, Jantzen, Erse audio, our lead time is much better, and  more important, our price is very good. 

Here we have 4.7uF 250VDC +/-5% stock samples, welcome to check prices and ask for samples. 

JFX-Preminum Metallized Polypropylene film capacitor Datasheet: 

jb 2012 год EXPO Electronica

Добрый день!

Это мисс София из компании JB capacitors.

Могу ли я пригласить Вас посетить наш стенд на 2012 год EXPO Electronica в Москве 11 апреля ~ 13?

Компания JB capacitors занимается производством пленочных и электролитических конденсаторов с 1980 года. Если Вы нуждаетесь в высококачественных конденсаторах для производства или торгуете пассивными компонентами, наша компания может предложить хорошие цены, отличное качество продукции, а также быстрое изготовление заказа.

Могли бы Вы рассмотреть JB capacitors как своего нового поставщика?

Ниже перечислены основные, самые популярные виды производимых нами конденсаторов:

JFA – Полистирольные пленочные конденсаторы (CL-11)
JFB -- Металлизированные пленочные конденсаторы ( CL-21, K73-17)
JFL-- Металлизированные полипропиленовые конденсаторы CBB-21
JFV--< Class X2 > Помехоподавляющие полипропиленовые конденсаторы 275VAC
JFP-- Высоковольтные полипропиленовые конденсаторы (CBB81)

jb Promote JFV X2 MKP Film Capacitors

Keywords: X2 film capacitors, MKP capacitors, Interference suppression film capacitors.
 JFV X2 film capacitors are produced by jb capacitors company, a ISO 9001:2000 certificated factory.
 JFV X2 film capacitors advantages:
 1. JFV X2 is safety capacitors, with safety approvals, UL, TUV, CE approvals. datasheet:
2. Our JFV X2 is with good quality under " jb capacitors " brand.
3. Many customers use our JFV X2 instead of Epcos B81 130, Vishay MKP3382, EVOX RIFA PHE840M, Panasonic ECQU, Arcotronics R46...
4. JFV X2 capacitors have very short lead time, around 3-6 weeks. Some popular items like 104K and 224K, stock availble.
5. Good sales support, reply to customers within 30 mintues after receive your emails.
6. Good experience in power supply, lighting, white goods.
7. Good samples support. 
Thank you for helping promote our JFV X2 film capacitors to your customers, especially those power supply, lighitng and white goods projects.
We are ready to give our best support to you. Let us do good business together.  contact: sophia@jbcapacitors.hk

jb Capacitors Company will Exhibit at 2012 Expo Electronica in Moscow

In 2010 October, jb capacitors company exhibited at Munich for the Electronica2010 in Germany, we put more & more efforts to development business in new year! Except for have exhibition every year in Hongkong ElectronicAsia show, now we participate more & more foreign exhibitions!
jb capacitors company is professional manufactuer, mainly produce MKT MKP Film capacitors, snap-in, screw, lug and SMD type aluminum electrolytic capacitors. Our products with high quality, used in big manufacturers' applications.
Our factory have a booth in Expo Electronica2012 in Moscow, welcome to visit our booth at Moscow then.
Pls. check our website or contact me lilian@jbcapacitors.hk for more details!  www.jbcapacitors.com
Pls. see our pictures for exhibitions, looking forward to meeting you in our booth at Moscow.

2011 Hongkong fair

2010 Electronica in Munich

2010 Hongkong fair

2009 Hongkong fair

jb Tell You How to Test A Capacitor with An Ohmeter

You can use your multimeter as an ohmmeter to test the capacitor.

1) Discharge the capacitor by shortening its leads. that is - use a wire and connect the leads of the capacitor together. this will discharge it.
2) Put your multimeter in the high ranges 10k-1m
3) Connect multimeter to capacitor leads(observe the polarity if electrolytic). at soon as the leads make contact, the meter will swing near zero. it will then move slowly toward infinity. finally the meter would come to be infinite ohms because the capacitor is being charged by the battery of the multimeter.
4) If the capacitor is bad, it will go to zero ohms and remain there. this is called a shortened capacitor
5) In the case of an open capacitor there will be no ohmmeter indication.
6) Some capacitors have a low dielectric leakage. you will know this if the ohmmeter comes to rest at a point lower than infinite. test a known good capacitor of the same type to be sure.

This test works for large capacitors. Tiny capacitors can only be checked with a capacitance meter, or by using them in an AC circuit and checking for variation from calculated voltage drop.
Pls. focus on jb most strong series:  JFB--MKT (Metallized Polyester ) Film Capacitors &JFV--X2 MKP (Metallized Polypropylene) Film Capacitors.

jb Capacitors Strong Products:

JFA--Mylar polyester film capacitors
JFB--Metallized polyester film capacitors
JFL--Metallized polypropylene film capacitors
JFG--Axial lead film capacitor
JFV--X2 275VAC met polypropylene film capacitors
JFZ--X2 310VAC met polypropylene film capacitors
JFP--High voltage metallized polypropylene cap
JFQ--Double sided metallized polypropylene cap
JFS--Motor Running capacitors
JFX--Premium metallized polypropylene Cap
JSX--Superior metallized polypropylene Cap
JCS--85°C SMD electrolytic capacitor
JCK--105°C SMD electrolytic capacitor
JRA--85°C Radial Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitor
JRB--105°C Radial Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitor

jb capacitors want to offer customers the most satisfied capacitors

keywords: film capacitors , MKT, MKP,MKS Film Capacitors

Hello! Sirs,
This is Ms. Sophia, I have been working in jb capacitors company for almost 5 years.  I like working here as we believe we can offer customers the most satisfied capacitors.
The company engage in film capacitors for almost 30 years, insist on producing the high quality but  low prices film capacitors, and provide the prompt and most efficient response. We hope more and more manufacturers or distributors will buy our good quality capacitors,as we want to save both time cost and materials cost for them.
Dear Sir, if your company use MKT, MKP,MKS Film Capacitors, welcome to send me inquiry or order list for quotation.

Two top popular series:

JFB--Metallized Polyester Film Capacitors
(Cross: CL21; K73-17; B32592~32594; MKT368; ECQE, ECQV; PCMT 365,366,367. )

JFV--X2 Metallized Polypropylene Film Capacitors ( TUV, UL, CE approvals)
(Cross: R46; MKP3382; ECQU; PHE840M; B81 130; PCX2 337; KNB153X. )

Ms. Sophia Huang--Sales Supervisor
mail: sophia@jbcapacitors.hk