jb JVA Series-- Zinc Oxide Varistors

jb offers different type of passive component including capacitor and varistor. Not only capacitors, we can provide high quality for Varistor.
It is Zinc Oxide Varistors JVA Series, A varistor is an electronic component with an electrical resistance that varies with the applied voltage.

Its features are on below:
* Round Varistor element, leaded.
* Low leakage current.
* Excellent Voltage ratio, Wide Voltage & energy ratio.
* High performance in clamping voltage characteristics.
* Low standby power and no follow on current.

It can be used on Multi Meter, LED Driver, application in protecting power and signal level electrical circuits against dangerous voltage surges. If you have more questions, please contact jb sales directly.

jb Dipped MKP Film Capacitors For Capacitive Divider Typical Circuit

After years of study, jb finally successfully developed a new series of capacitors for capacitive divider.

This kind of capacitor is specifically designed for applications in serial with the 100~240Vac MAIN.
Such as a small power LED driver module, small household electrical appliances control panel (electric kettle, electric cooker, coffee machine, hair straightener etc.), 
thermostat, replace the transformer. Also widely used in LC resonant, high frequency high current situation.

Below is the Typical Circuit for jb Dipped MKP Film Capacitors For Capacitive Divider JFLA

jb Capacitors in Audio Applications of Tube Amplifier

Today we see a tube amplifier from our customer, its configuration is really amazing.
There are some of products, which he use in this products. what about you? welcome to send to us your inquiry for the capacitors.
We can provide you excellent service, professional support.

JFGD axial flat MKP film capacitor: 1.5uF 630V
105’C Radial electrolytic capacitors 470UF 63V
105’C Snap-in electrolytic capacitors, 400V
JFL polypropylene film capacitors 0.22UF 630V 

jb JFV 275VAC X2 Metallized Polypropylene Film Capacitor

In order to shorten the delivery time for film capacitors, we begin to change the oil marking to laser making for JFV X2 Metallized Polypropylene Film Capacitors.
The marking change does not affect the products performance. At the same time, the laser marking can avoid the numbers been erased after long time using.

Over all, not only from the production aspect, but also from the technology aspect, laser marking is more advanced.
We wish our customer will benefit from this change.


jb JFV X2 MKP capacitor will get ENEC, VDE approvals for 275VAC, 305VAC, 310VAC very soon!

Many customers need Ammo Tape Package for JFV X2 Safety MKP capacitors, now our prices for JFV X2 Ammo Package are much improved.

Please send us your new request for JFV X2 capacitors in bulk package or ammo tape package.  we will quote you very good prices to win orders.

In case you have any new order plan before summer holiday, please send to us and let us quote you competitive prices.

JFV, X2 Metallized Polypropylene Film Cap,  Bulk & Ammo tape package both available, UL, TUV, CE approvals

Key words: ENEC, VDE approvals, JFV X2 ammo package

jb JFQ - Box Type Double Sided Metallized Polypropylene Film Capacitor

Title: JFQ - Box Type Double Sided Metallized Polypropylene Film Capacitor

High quality, fast delivery, with an attractive price. Widely used in high voltage, high frequency and pulse circuit.
 Operating temperature -40°C~ +105°C *
 Capacitance range 0.00022 ~ 3.9μF
 Capacitance tolerance ±2%, ±3%, ±5%, ±10%, ±20% 
 Rated voltage 250V, 400V, 630V, 1000V, 1400/1600V, 2000V.DC
 Rated Temperature  85°C for VR (DC) ; 75°C for VR (AC)
 Dissipation factor ≤0.0010 (1KHz, 20°C)

 Double sided metallized structure, widely used in high voltage, high frequency and pulse circuit.
 Negative temperature coefficient of capacitance.
 Excellent active and passive flame resistant abilities.
 Low loss and small inherent temperature rise.

*Cross Reference

jb Capacitors KEMET ARCOTRONICS Wima Vishay
JFQ R76 MKP10,FKP1 MKP1840
jb Capacitors Philip Epcos Pilkor
JFQ MMKP383 B32651-B32656 PCMP 384

Welcome to try our samples and your kind inquiry are highly appreciated!

just your best choice! 

jb SMD Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors Cross Reference.

jb Capacitors Company produce high quality SMD Electrolytic Capacitors.
Below SMD electrolytic capacitors replace Panasonic, Nichicon Rubycon and Samwha. Pls. send your inquiry or part numbers to info@jbcapacitors.com

SMD /CHIP Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors, General Purpose
Maximum temperature Endurance jb capacitors Nippon Nichicon Rubycon  
85 2000h. JCS MVA UWX SEV  
105 1000h~2000h JCK MVE UWT SKV  
Maximum temperature Endurance jb capacitors Panasonic Sanyo Samwha Yageo
85 2000h. JCS EEE-x(A)S CE-BS SC CA
105 1000h~2000h JCK EEEHA CE-FS RC CB


jb Tell You What is X2 Capacitor? What is Safety Capacitor?

X2 capacitor is same as Safety capacitor, also called Interference Suppression MKP film capacitors.  X2 capacitors indicate which grade the capacitors can withstand the voltage with normal working.

Have safety approvals, like UL, TUV, CE, VDE approvals.  JFV X2 film capacitors is jb capacitors best seller in market, with quite good quality and shortest lead time. Pls. visit our website www.jbcapacitors.com and contact us for more detail information.

jb What is MKP film capacitors?

MKP film capacitors means Metallized Polypropylene Film Capacitors. It is the most popular series in market. jb capacitors company can give you the best support.
In MKP film capacitors, jb capacitors are very strong in high voltage JFP MKP film capacitors, JFQ double sided box type MKP film capacitors, JFV X2 MKP film capacitors.
Pls. visit our website www.jbcapacitors.com and contact us for more detail information.

jb JFX Audio Film Capacitors--Best Capacitor on Sound Application

Dear Purchasing Manager,

Hello! This is Ms. Lilian from jb capacitors company, so nice to write to you. We are professional 
manufacturer for MKT MKP film capacitors since 1980. visit our website: www.jbcapacitors.com  

Today, I bring you our most strong series Film capacitors----JFX series Axial type premium metallized polypropylene film capacitor, pls. check below our datasheet and photo. 
This JFX series Axial type MKP film capacitor, widely used in Passive Crossovers, Loud speakers, amplifiers etc...high end audio equipments. 

Compare with Mundorf, Auri cap, Mallory, Jantzen, Erse audio, our lead time is much better, and  more important, our price is very good. 

Here we have 4.7uF 250VDC +/-5% stock samples, welcome to check prices and ask for samples. 

JFX-Preminum Metallized Polypropylene film capacitor Datasheet: