jb Capacitors Class X2 film capacitors

Keywords: JFW X2, jb MPX/MKP X2

jb MPX/MKP Class X2-MPX Safety Standard Capacitor is mainly used for power input L/N dredging for EMI suppression, and the input port used in parallel.

The most common use of the JFW AC-Capacitors Suppression Capacitors Class X2 AC 310V is anti-electromagnetic interference, suitable for high frequency,DC, AC, coupled, cross-pulse circuit, for example white goods, home appliance etc.

In addition, jb JFW Safety Film Capacitors can withstand the impact of overpressure, and it also has excellent capabilities of flame resistance and moisture resistance.

Compare with other capacitors, JFW Radial Class X2 310VAC Capacitor is very stable, it is less affected by the voltage.

JFW monthly output is about 20KKpcs per month now, and delivery time is about 4~5 weeks.

jb Capacitors High quality wet Tantalum Capacitors

jb offers several Tantalum capacitors. Among them, there are Wet Tantalum Capacitors.

Below is each series. Each of them contains different parameter.
Wet Tantalum Capacitors also can be called as modern non-solid tantalum electrolytic capacitors. It is semi-hermetically sealed with polar axial leads. And, the series capacitors are characterized by small size, low DC Leakage, stable in Electrical characterized. They are widely used in Meters, Instrument and other electronic products.

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JTE - Axial Wet Tantalum Capacitors
JTF - Axial Wet Tantalum Capacitors
JTG - Axial Solid Tantalum Capacitors

jb Capacitors High quality wet Tantalum Capacitors