jb JFWT - X2 Met Polypropylene Film Capacitor - Temperature Humidity Bias (THB) Series

Does your products need to put into humidity and harsh environment?
JFWT is special production of Class X2 MKP series for such environment and provides interference suppression with VDE, ENEC and UL approvals.

High stability of capacitance under severe ambient condition, high temperature and high humidity.
JFWT use for capacitive divider power supply. Such as power meter, LED driver, and other sever ambient condition applications.

If you are looking for this type capacitor, please contact us, let we quote a best price for you!
JFWT Datasheet:http://www.jbcapacitors.com/Plastic-Film-Capacitors/JFWT-X2-Met-Polypropylene-Film-Capacitor-Temperature-Humidity-Bias-THB-Series.html

jb Introduces JFW X2 MKP Series to You

jb X2 MKP is always strong and very popular series on market.

I trust you know our JFV series get lots of good reputation, with advances in technology, we have developed another series JFW which can achieve 310 VAC and with ENEC, VDE and UL approvals.

JFW series has circulated on market for a while, we received many good feedback from customers. Especially JFW offer is much better!

In the near future, JFW will completely replace JFV series be the best one of X2 MKP capacitor.

If you haven't tried our JFW series, Please send your inquiry to us asap, you wouldn't want to miss it!

jb Capacitors Company Offer X2 MKP Capacitors with Very Competitive Prices and Short Delivery

X2 film capacitors is very popular in the market. Many big brands offer very long lead time and high prices.
We can help you save more cost and offer you very short delivery time and competitive prices for X2 capacitors. We have ENEC VDE UL certificates.
Quality is very reliable and stable.

Welcome to send your X2 capacitors for cost down. Below are some cross guide for your reference.

jb X2 Capacitors on Sale During Summer Holiday

Now is summer holiday, are you enjoying it? Or, you are working like superman? Are your clients trying to get the lower price from you? Are they require low MOQ to let you feel like impossible mission?

Please, let jb Capacitors Company helps you with all these difficult situations. We can provide you the competitive price with low MOQ. Moreover, jb’s lead time is unspeakable fast.

Let’s get to the main topic, I am introducing you our best seller, JFW - X2 Metallized Polypropylene Film Capacitor (310VAC).

  •  With VDE, ENEC and UL approvals
  • Class X2 safety capacitors for 310VAC
  • Multiple package methods (Cut leads, Bulk, Ammo Tape Package and Long leads )
  • Perfect replacement for big brand

 For detail information, please contact us without hesitate, thanks.

jb good offer of X2 capacitors

Prezados Senhores, Bom dia!
Eu sou um gerente de Vendas da Empresa JB capacitores. Ha hum ritmo atras enviei e-mails alguns ... Voce lembra da Nossa Empresa? 

A JB capacitores E hum Fabricante com Certificado ISO, Que produz e vende DESDE 1980 Mais de 22 Tipos de capacitores Filme plastico MKT, MKP ...
ESTAMOS localizados los HK e Taiwan com Tecnologia avancada e vendemos Qualidade com precos atrativos.

Aqui eu recomendo que voce a nossa serie mais forte - JFZ X2 capacitores de filme metalizado polyproylene, temos aprovacoes ENEC VDE UL, muito popular no mercado e aproveitar repuation bom no mercado, por favor, confira abaixo nosso guia cruz e imagem, por favor envie o seu lista de pedido de orcamento! Amostras gratis tambem estavam disponiveis!

Kindly Attention: JFZ series have ENEC VDE UL for 310VAC, prices are very attractive, even equal to other brand 275VAC,welcome request.

jb Your Reliable Partner for Capacitors

jb Capacitors -- Your best partner for Radial aluminum electrolytic capacitors, most competitive prices, quick delivery time, always reliable quality.

Our radial E Cap are widely used in EMS, Communication products, Power supply etc... No matter if you're manufacturer or distributor, you could get much profit in using or selling jb products, and never worry about quality problem.

"jb", more than 35 years manufacturing experience, ISO 9001:2008, CE, UL, ENEC, VDE certifications we have!

jb Best Motor Running Capacitor JFS-13 Full Capacitance Available

Our motor running capacitors enjoy good reputation in the European market, not only for the high quality and competitive price, but also for the best after service follow up .
We are proud to say that our motor capacitors can help a lot of customers to get better  promotion result in their domestic market .

In year 2015, our company is planning to apply UL approval and VDE approval for motor capacitors. We you are best partner .

JFS - 13 Motor Capacitors Plastic Shell
1uF 450VAC +/-5% Bulk RoHS
1.5uF 450VAC +/-5% Bulk RoHS
2uF 450VAC +/-5% Bulk RoHS
2.5uF 450VAC +/-5% Bulk RoHS
3uF 450VAC +/-5% Bulk RoHS
3.75uF 450VAC +/-5% Bulk RoHS
4uF 450VAC +/-5% Bulk RoHS
4.5uF 450VAC +/-5% Bulk RoHS
5uF 450VAC +/-5% Bulk RoHS
6uF 450VAC +/-5% Bulk RoHS
7.5uF 450VAC +/-5% Bulk RoHS
8uF 450VAC +/-5% Bulk RoHS
10uF 450VAC +/-5% Bulk RoHS
12.5uF 450VAC +/-5% Bulk RoHS
14uF 450VAC +/-5% Bulk RoHS
15uF 450VAC +/-5% Bulk RoHS
16uF 450VAC +/-5% Bulk RoHS
18uF 450VAC +/-5% Bulk RoHS
20uF 450VAC +/-5% Bulk RoHS
22uF 450VAC +/-5% Bulk RoHS
25uF 450VAC +/-5% Bulk RoHS
30uF 450VAC +/-5% Bulk RoHS
35uF 450VAC +/-5% Bulk RoHS
40uF 450VAC +/-5% Bulk RoHS
45uF 450VAC +/-5% Bulk RoHS
50uF 450VAC +/-5% Bulk RoHS
55uF 450VAC +/-5% Bulk RoHS
60uF 450VAC +/-5% Bulk RoHS
70uF 450VAC +/-5% Bulk RoHS
80uF 450VAC +/-5% Bulk RoHS
100uF 450VAC +/-5% Bulk RoHS

jb Provides JFX Series Standard Size for Our Customers Reference

The JFX range of capacitors has long been established as a quality audio grade device.

Available in a voltage rating of 250Vdc, it offers audio engineers excellent sonic performance at a competitive price level. Copper clad steel terminals are standard; however, others are available upon request.


Common Items Standard Size (mm):





















































If you want to know more details, please click below link.

jb Capacitors Company is a ISO 9001:2008 manufacturer since 1980. We achieved VDE, ENEC, UL, CE,  RoHS certifications and we believe that we are just your best choice. Visit us at : www.jbcapacitors.com

jb Capacitors Company Most Popular Series in the Market

jb Capacitors Company  are professional ISO manufacturer, our products prices and lead time are very competitive, with UL,ENEC VDE approvals, quality is very good.

Please check below our most strong series pictures, which are the most popular series in the market.

1. JFX - Premium Metallized Polypropylene Film Capacitors --Axial type --- Mainly used in Audio enquipment, cross over, our MOQ is low, prices unbeatable, excellent replacements of Mundorf, Jantzen Audio etc..

2. JFA - Mylar Polyester Film Capacitors --- Mainly used in Energy saving lamps, demand is huge, cost is low.

3. JFB - Metallized Polyester Film Capacitors--Dipped type --- Cross to Vishay MKT 368, Epcos B32591~B32594, mainly used in power supplies, electronics ballasts etc..our prices & lead time are very good.

4. JFD - Metallized Polyester Film Capacitors --Box type --- Cross to Arcotronics R60, Epcos B32520~32524, European customers prefer it, as it is box type, nicer.

5. JFG - Axial Metallized Polyeter & Polypropylene Film Capacitors --- Cross to Arcotronics(Kemet) MKT A50, MKP A70 ,  Vishay MKT1813, MKP1839, 1845, jb capacitors prices are unbeatable.

6. JFP - High Voltage Metallized Polypropylene Film Capacitors (1000V~2000VDC) --- Mainly used in electronics ballast, cross to Epcos B32692, prices and lead time unbetable, quality is very reliable.

7. JFV - X2 Metallized Polypropylene Film Capacitors (ENEC VDE UL Approvals) --- jb to sellers, cross to Arcotronics R46, prices & lead time are very good.

jb Professional Manufacturer for X2 MKP Film Capacitors with ENEC, VDE, UL Safety Approvals

jb Capacitors Company is one of the leading film capacitors manufacturer since 1980, based on HK and Taiwan Technology. 

jb capacitors company produce JFV X2 film capacitors, with UL, ENEC,VDE approvals, from 1000pF to 2.2uF, 275VAC, 305VAC & 310VAC are available.

Please check below our approvals No.s and pictures.