jb X2 Safety Capacitor with VDE, ENEC and UL approvals—JFW

Are you using X2 capacitors? Have you used our JFW before?
We manufacture X2 Metallized Polypropylene Film Capacitor, which also named Interference Suppression Capacitors or X2 Safety Capacitors, and we sell quite competitive prices.
Its Non-inductive, (UL940V-0) plastic case sealed with epoxy resin can be used in across-the-line and interference suppression circuit.

We provide JFW with short delivery time. Some hot items can be ready in about 3 weeks.
Because of its High quality commitment and Good prices support. It also receive lots of awesome feedback from our customers.

If you are using Kemet(R46) , Epcos(B81 130, B32921~B32924) , Pilkor(PCX2 337, PCX2339) , EvoxRifa(PH840M, PH840E) , Vishay(MKP3382, MKP3392) , Wima(MP3 X2, MKPX2) , Iskra(KNB 153X, KNB156X) and Panasonic (ECQU) series, you can send me to get our best price!

jb X2 Safety Capacitor with VDE, ENEC and UL approvals—JFW

jb New Outward Design for Low ESR Radial Polymer Aluminum Solid Electrolytic Capacitors-PSS & PSR Series

Now is close to China Spring festival, jb Radial Polymer Aluminum Solid Electrolytic Capacitors have changed the printing method in result of technology improvement. But please be at ease, they hold the same high quality and completive price as before.

Dear, tossing us the order, we will arrange it for you as soon as possible. jb makes the nice measures to deal with lead time in Chinese New Year. Please feel free to contact with me if you have any questions, thanks.

jb Capacitors Company's Online Showroom---New!!!

Good news! Currently we work out a Show room of our jb Capacitors Company! the show room includes below four parts:
For more detailed information, pls. check below Link,  thank you!