jb Metallized Polypropylene Film Capacitors DC Link-High Power--JFQP

jb Capacitors Company launched new series this year—JFQP series - Metallized Polypropylene Film Capacitors DC Link-High Power. It is ideal for Inverter, Industrial and high-end power supplies, frequency converters and Battery chargers.

It includes below features: Plastic case, epoxy resin sealing. Low ESL and ESR. High ripple current and high dv/dt withstand capability.

We can make 2 pins and 4 pins for this product. JFQP series can be alternative for Epcos MKP B32774~B32778, Vishay MKP1848C etc.


jb-For High Voltage Application, JYC – High Voltage Ceramic Radial Type Disc Capacitors

jb Capacitors Company offers high voltage ceramic capacitor, called JYC. Excepting the standard value and mechanical parameter of high voltage ceramic capacitor available, we also provide the customize service. If you need to find the reliable capacitors source with high quality. jb will be your best choice. You can find out the products that suit your best.

JYC – High Voltage Ceramic Radial Type Disc Capacitors can be used on variety application. That will include DC-DC converters, Voltage multipliers, Radio and TV receiver and other electrical appliances where high voltage is present.

If you visit our official website, you might notice that we can offer up to 15KV DC voltage, standard value. If you need higher value, please write an email to us for detail.

 jb-For High Voltage application, JYC – High Voltage Ceramic Radial Type Disc Capacitors

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jb Capacitors Best Offer of Film Capacitors in August

July was passed, welcome August!
Autumn braking is a Harvest season, how is your passive components business recently my dear friends?

In order to feedback our VIP customers, we expended the production line and improved the technology for the dipped MKT MKP film. Now we have much better prices offer than before.

Pls. Kindly send us your request and order list for quote before you go for summer holidays, you will receive very satisfied prices from us, if you could send us order now, you may get the nice goods after you back from holidays.

Send your RFQs for cross, OK?

JFB-Metallized Polyester film Capacitors
JFL-Metallized Polypropylene film Capacitor-CBB21
JFP-High voltage metallized polypropylene film Capacitor-CBB81

jb Special Prices For Dipped Type MKT MKP Film Capacitors, CL21, CBB21, CBB81

As the Easter holiday is coming, we now have very good prices for below dipped type MKT MKP film capacitors(CL21,CBB21 and CBB81), are you interested in? If your demand quantity is big, more discount can be offered.
Pls. check your RFQS and send me your request list for quote, OK? You will receive very satisfied prices from me if you could send me your inquiry. 
Wish you a nice Easter holiday!

JFB-Metallized polyester film capacitor—CL21
JFL-Metallized polypropylene film capacitors, CBB21
JFP-high voltage metallized polypropylene film capacitors, CBB81

jb What is CL11 , CL21, CBB21, CBB81, CBB60, CBB65 Capacitor ?

CL11 , CL21, CBB21, CBB81, CBB60, CBB65 capacitor is called in China.

CL11--Polyester Film Capacitor, green capacitors.  jb capacitors offer JFA series--Mylar polyester film capacitors.

CL21--Metallized Polyester Film Capacitors,  jb capacitors offer JFB and JFE series--Metallized Polyester Film Capacitors.

CBB21--Metallized Polypropylene Film Capacitors, jb Capacitors offer JFL series--Metallized Polypropylene Film Capacitors

CBB81--High Voltage Metallized Polypropylene Film Capacitors,  jb Capacitors offer JFP series--High Voltage Metallized Polypropylene Film Capacitors.

CBB60, CBB65--Motor Start capacitors, Motor run capacitors, jb capacitors offer JFS series--Motor starting film capacitors.

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