jb High-end Audio Capacitors suit for Loudspeaker, Amplifier

Are you looking for high performance audio capacitor with reasonable price?
jb strong series JPXJSXJLXJMX and JGX are especially designed for high-end Audio application, which suit for loudspeaker, power amplifier.

If you are using SCR, Mundorf MKP, Jantzen, welcome to try our audio capacitor, you would be surprised for our good performance, especially save lots of cost.

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jb High-end Audio Capacitors suit for Loudspeaker, Amplifier

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1. " I think JFS price is rather good. Your company is rather famous and we have not received reclamations from our customers.
With Best Regards,
Paul "

2. " About JFS quality, for now we are really satisfied of quality of capacitors, after some time "JB" should became a strong brand in our offer and I will tell you more about that. We are thinking about became your distributor.  I want back to the topic. We are preparing new order, because we are really satisfied of quality.
Z poważaniem / Best Regards
Mr. Sebastian Jakubczyk
Specjalista ds. IT ."

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jb JFS Motor Run Capacitor

A motor capacitor, such as a start capacitor or run capacitor, including a dual run capacitor, is an electrical capacitor that alters the current to one or more windings of a single phase AC induction motor to create a rotating magnetic field. It is used in air conditioners, hot tub/jacuzzi spa pumps, or forced air heat furnaces for example.
A round dual run capacitor is used in some air conditioner compressor units, to boost both the fan and compressor motors.

Run capacitors are mostly polypropylene film capacitors and are designed for continuous duty, and they are energized the entire time the motor is running.
Run capacitors are rated in a range of 1.5–100 microfarads (µF or mfd), Single phase electric motors need a capacitor to energize a second-phase winding.
If the wrong run capacitor is installed, the motor will not have an even magnetic field, and this will cause the rotor to hesitate at those spots that are uneven.
This hesitation can cause the motor to become noisy, increase energy consumption, cause performance to drop, and cause the motor to overheat.

jb JFS Motor Start/Run Capacitors, have total 22 types, with CE approvals, lower MOQ support. 
Safety class: P0, Climate category: 40/85/21, Frequency: 50/60Hz. We jb Capacitors are your best choice for Film Capacitors, Motor Start Capacitors, X2 Film Capacitors etc.

jb Capacitors Company is a ISO 9001:2008 manufacturer since 1980. We achieved VDE, ENEC, UL, CE,  RoHS certifications and we believe that we are just your best choice. Visit us at : www.jbcapacitors.com