jb Capacitors ISO Manufacturer Ceramic Capacitors

We manufacture and market Ceramic Capacitors, Including CD Y1 400VAC and CE Y2 300AC Safety Standard Recognized Capacitors and 1KV, 2KV, 3KV,4KV, 5KV, 6KV, 8KV, 10KV, 15KV DC High Voltage Ceramic Capacitors.

JYA - Y1(CD 400VAC) and Y2(CE 300VAC) Safety Standard Recognized Capacitors
- Ideal for across the line applications
- Compact size
- Cost effective product
- Safety standards recognized

JYC - High Voltage Ceramic Radial Type Disc Capacitors
- Operating Condition Range -25°C to +85°C.
- Rated Working Voltage 1KV – 15KV DC.
- Use for coupling, and by-pass circuit there are a stable and high reliability products

jb Capacitors ISO Manufacturer Ceramic Capacitors

jb New Development Safety X2 Metallized MKP Film Capacitors

Good news! Good news! Jb have much more  competitive prices offer on Class X2 Safety Metallized Film Capacitors!
Recently, we just developed a new series of JFW X2 film capacitors, which supply at 310VAC, wide temperature range at 40"C~105"C.
Prices are extremly favorable.  What's more, it has VDE, cUL approvals, quality is reliable.
Should you have any interest, please contact me for best quotation. Thank you.

More information please visit jb website: http://www.jbcapacitors.com/