jb JFR-- Polystyrene Film Capacitors, Radial & Axial Type Both Available

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JFR-- Polystyrene Film Capacitors, Radial & Axial type both available
Application: Can be used for Metal detector, kinds of Audio products etc...
1. Excellent quality, High stability of capacitance and DF versus temperature and frequency.
2. Capacitance tolerance can precise to +/-1%, Low dissipation factor and high insulation resistance.
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jb What is Plastic Film Capacitors ?

Plastic film capacitors is one of the most common and popular capacitors,  made of three kinds of materials,  polyester film, polypropylene film, and polystyrene film.

jb capacitors produce total 23 kinds of plastic film capacitors, including polyester film capacitors, polypropylene film capacitors, polystyrene film capacitors.

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