jb JLX High Class Audio Capacitors

We have high class Audio capacitors called JLX. It has lowest MOQ requirement among jb’s Audio capacitors. And, it is Luxury Aluminum Foil and Film Metallized Polypropylene Capacitors. Also, it is an Axial type capacitor.

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Below is its features. 

l   Top of the range pure aluminum foil capacitor
l   High Precise Capacitance ±3%
l   Very Low Dielectric absorption factor
l   Very Low Dissipation factor
l   Very Low ESR
l   Very Low Inductance
l   A luxury capacitor designed especially for modern high-end tweeters and mid-range drivers

jb The High-Class Audio capacitors, JGX

jb is expanding our Audio series capacitors, we have JFG, JFX, JSX, JPX and so on. Many our customers provide good feedback on our product. They used jb Audio capacitors on their Audio application, and it has good performance. So, I would like to introduce a High-Class series, called JGX.

It has Gold Copper Tube, and it is Film Metallized Polypropylene Capacitors – Axial type. Moreover, it has external layer with pure copper tube and epoxy resin sealing. Finally, its Dissipation factor, ESR and Inductance are very low. It can be used on audio instruments, especially for Audio amplifiers.

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jb Capacitors New Product Promotion: Power Capacitor

jb Capacitors has over 31 experience in capacitors production lines. With high quality, professioanl service, high efficiency and best price. All Our products with ROHS compliant ,ISO/SGS certified .

Below are details for one of the most popular series Low Voltage Self-Healing Dry Type of Shunt Capacitors.

Low Voltage Self-Healing Dry Type of Shunt Capacitors
The product is applicable to the compensation of reactive power in power system to improve power factor and power supply and cut down the circuit dissipation.
 The capacitor has Aluminum shell oxidation treatment. The filler of epoxy resin can make it become a real dry type capacitor which function of self-healing and characters of less heat. Small temperature rise, long service life and every technical index reaches the national standards GB/T12747/IEC60831
Main Technical Characteristics:
                   Type:  jb
     Rated voltage:  0.4Kv ~ 0.45Kv
       Rated output:  10Kvar ~ 30Kvar
        Capacitance:  164uF ~ 493uF
 Rated frequency:  13.1A ~ 39.2A
   Size(L*M*H)mm:  70×200(M12×12)~136×290(M12×16)
Main features: 
1. Use the imported material, with small size, lightweight, and easy installation and maintenance. 
2. Adopts fantastic golden and silver metal printing(patent). 
3. With high reliability, the market quality satisfaction rate is 99.99%. 
4. High safety, with discharge resistance and over-pressure protective device inside. 
5. Low dielectric loss and perfect self-healing performance. 
6. Adopts nontoxic, environment friendly impregnated material made of solid capacitor wax.
The specification designed and products with higher ambient temperature can be provided as requested by customers.If you have any inquire about it,please email to us and we will reply your request instanly,believed our competitive price and excellent quality will be your best choice!