jb Competitive Prices For Motor Run Capacitors In Summer

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Popular items:  JFS-7, JFS-12, JFS-13, JFS-17, JFS-18.
Widely application: used in Air conditioners, Washing machines, Induction motors, Compressors......

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jb Best Motor Running Capacitor JFS-13 Full Capacitance Available

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In year 2015, our company is planning to apply UL approval and VDE approval for motor capacitors. We you are best partner .

JFS - 13 Motor Capacitors Plastic Shell
1uF 450VAC +/-5% Bulk RoHS
1.5uF 450VAC +/-5% Bulk RoHS
2uF 450VAC +/-5% Bulk RoHS
2.5uF 450VAC +/-5% Bulk RoHS
3uF 450VAC +/-5% Bulk RoHS
3.75uF 450VAC +/-5% Bulk RoHS
4uF 450VAC +/-5% Bulk RoHS
4.5uF 450VAC +/-5% Bulk RoHS
5uF 450VAC +/-5% Bulk RoHS
6uF 450VAC +/-5% Bulk RoHS
7.5uF 450VAC +/-5% Bulk RoHS
8uF 450VAC +/-5% Bulk RoHS
10uF 450VAC +/-5% Bulk RoHS
12.5uF 450VAC +/-5% Bulk RoHS
14uF 450VAC +/-5% Bulk RoHS
15uF 450VAC +/-5% Bulk RoHS
16uF 450VAC +/-5% Bulk RoHS
18uF 450VAC +/-5% Bulk RoHS
20uF 450VAC +/-5% Bulk RoHS
22uF 450VAC +/-5% Bulk RoHS
25uF 450VAC +/-5% Bulk RoHS
30uF 450VAC +/-5% Bulk RoHS
35uF 450VAC +/-5% Bulk RoHS
40uF 450VAC +/-5% Bulk RoHS
45uF 450VAC +/-5% Bulk RoHS
50uF 450VAC +/-5% Bulk RoHS
55uF 450VAC +/-5% Bulk RoHS
60uF 450VAC +/-5% Bulk RoHS
70uF 450VAC +/-5% Bulk RoHS
80uF 450VAC +/-5% Bulk RoHS
100uF 450VAC +/-5% Bulk RoHS

jb Capacitors Motor Starting Capacitor - JFS

jb A.C motor-start capacitors are electrochemical devices consisting of compactly wound aluminum foil separated by layers of paper, which are impregnated with a conducting electrolyte. Etching of the foil prior to formation and winding increases both the effective foil surface area and the capacitance per unit volume of the finished capacitor. The entire assembly is housed in a case of moisture and oil resistant molded plastic. These capacitors are rated for operation in ambient temperatures from -40°C to +65°C and at a frequency of 50Hz to 60Hz.

These capacitors are designed for motor starting and other intermittent duty AC applications. They are non-polarized and are normally designed with dual quick terminals. These terminals allow for the easy attachment of a bleeder resistor(usually 15K ohm at 2 watt). This saves relay switch contacts and capacitor, particularly in capacitor start-run applications. The quick connect terminals also eliminate the need for soldering.

A motor capacitor, such as a start capacitor or run capacitor, including a dual run capacitor, is an electrical capacitor that alters the current to one or more windings of a single phase AC induction motor to create a rotating magnetic field. It is used in air conditioners, hot tub/jacuzzi spa pumps, or forced air heat furnaces for example. A round dual run capacitor is used in some air conditioner compressor units, to boost both the fan and compressor motors.


jb Tells You What is CBB60 Stands for ?

According to the provisions of China’s national standard GB2470-81, the capacitor named product 
model generally consists of the following four parts:

Part I: The letter represents the name, the meaning of C is a capacitor.
Part II: with letters material.
Part III: numerical classification.
Part IV: The digital serial number.

For example: “CBB60” Capacitor
C – meaning Capacitor
B – meaning the Dielectric is a non-polar organic film
B – meaning the Dielectric material is polypropylene
60 – meaning Plastic can motor run capacitor Broadly applied to starting and running of  AC single-
phase motors at 50/60Hz frequency for AC motor, electric engine, water pump, generator and high 
efficiency compressors of refrigerators etc.