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We would like to introduce you to an exciting range of products from our company that I believe will greatly benefit your projects and applications. At jb capacitors, we take pride in offering high-quality Trimming Potentiometers that can enhance the precision and functionality of your electronic devices and circuits.

Our Trimming Potentiometers are designed to meet the demands of various industries, with feature of high precision and accuracy, versatility, reliability, and Competitive Pricing

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jb JBR Trimming potentiometers

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If you are looking for reliable supplier of Trimming potentiometers in China, you can look for our JBR series.
}We offer full type: 065 / 3006 / 3266 / 3309 / 3323 / 3329 / 3362 / 3386 / 3540 / 3590 / C3305 / 3269 / 3306
Today let us introduce 3296 type, below is its general specification, and this is also our most popular type.

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Standard Resistance: 10Ω – 5MΩ
Temperature Range: -55℃ ~ +125℃
Withstand Voltage: 220VDC
Resistance Tolerance: +/-10%; +/-20% for 10 ohm
Power rating: 0.5W @ 70’C, 0W @ 125’C

Jb JBR-3006 Series Rectangular Cermet Trimming Potentiometer for You Reference

JBR-3006 series through hole trimmer potentiometers, or "trimpots", intended for infrequent adjustment with features Panel Mount and Side Adjust
Please see JBR-3006 Series characteristics:

Temperature Range

-55 ~ +125

Standard Resistance Range

100Ω - 5MΩ

Resistance Tolerance

±10%; ±20% for 10 ohm

Absolute Minimum Resistance

≤10Ω100Ω≤R≤1K Ω
R>1K Ω

Contact Resistance Variation

CRV≤4% or 5 Ω
whichever is larger

Insulation Resistance


Withstand Voltage


Effective Travel

22±5 turns nom