jb Capacitors Product line expansion, JYM series (MLCC Radial, Axial)

Multilayer (mono) Axial & Radial Ceramic Capacitors

The new series of JYM, Multilayer(mono) Axial & Radial Ceramic Capacitors was launched by jb Capacitors Company. It can be used on wide application including blocking、coupling、By-passing discriminating element. For example like Booster….., store power and memory circuit.

It contains several features, Coating by epoxy resin, has excellent humidity resistance and prevents body from damaging during soldering and washing. Moreover, it is Miniature size, wide capacitance.
And, it can be supplied in both Bulk or Tape and Reel package for automatic insertion in PCB.

Below is its main parameter. Please take a look






Dielectric type

Stable Class I Dielectric

Stable Class II Dielectric

Capacitance range




Operating temperature

0±30PPm/c -55~+125

±15% -55~+125

+30%~-80% -25~+85

+22%~-56% -10~+85

jb Capacitors Product line expansion, JYM series (MLCC Radial, Axial)

jb Capacitors Present New Sample Kit in Year 2014

Dear friends, if you have interests in distributing or recommending jb products to your customers, here we would like to provide a very useful tool to you, that is our jb Capacitors Sample Kit.
In year 2014, we have updated our sample kit with some of popular items, such as JFV - X2 Metallized Polypropylene Film Capacitor (275VAC, 305VAC, 310VAC) and the newly launched item JFH - Non-Inductive,Epoxy Dip Coated, Polyester Film Capacitor.

Please feel free to contact with our sales for this Sample Kit and we wish you can take good advantage of this tool.