jb Motor Start / Motor Run MKP Film Capacitors

Hello ! Sir,
Do you buy Motor Start/ Run Capacitors  ( CBB60 & CBB65 )? 

jb capacitors company produce JFS Motor Start/Run Capacitors, they sell very good on EU and CIS markets for our high quality, low prices and very good package.

Many customers buy one list from us with different values from 1uF to 100uF / 250VAC, 450VAC, 500VAC. Our factory produce total 18 types, and below 4 types are the most popular types.

Could you send me your buying list for quotation ?
Email: info@jbcapacitors.com   MSN:jbcapacitors@hotmail.com    Skype: jbcapacitors

jb Capacitors Company -----ISO 9001:2008 Manufacturer  (ENEC, VDE,UL approvals, RoHS Compliant ).

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