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Do you know that there is a famous website has analysis on present competitive situation of Aluminum Capacitors? Aluminum Capacitors Market report provides the detail you need including market shares and developing growth rate of top-line vendors. According to the report, the leading vendor is including Nippon Chemi-Con, Nichicon, Rubycon, Panasonic, Vishay, KEMET, EPCOS and others. Moreover, they have started to invest in China to build their China-based facilities.

Turing to jb Capacitors Company, we are doing business in China for many years, we are familiar with the environment, law, human resource and so on. We even have Taiwan office and Hong Kong HQ. jb has grown year by year, and keeping our high quality with competitive price. jb is just your best choice.

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jb Price Promotion of SMD Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors

jb invite you to enjoy the most exciting game FIFA world cup.

jb also share with you that we have very special price promotion for SMD aluminum electrolytic capacitors during FIFA world cup period.

We have wide range offer for you: Long life (10,000 hours), Low impedance / leakage, Bi-polar type etc. 

Hot products: JCS 2,000hours 85’C,   JCK 1,000~2,000hours 105’C,   JCZ 3,000hours 105’C extra low impedance.

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jb Most Hot Products--JRB Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors

Dear all valued members, let's start from a story today. 

Once upon a time, there was a man who's very stubborn to his consciousness. Change always makes surprise. 
As time goes by, he suddenly asked us for a free sample to test . Then make a good quantity order to us. That's JRB series- Radial aluminum electrolytic capacitors, 2000hours at 105'C. Wide temperature range and long life for general purpose. 

JRB- Radial aluminum electrolytic capacitors
Operating Temp.: -40℃ ~ +105℃
Standard Cap. tolerance: +/-20%
Cap. range: 0.1uF~0.22000uF
Rated Voltage: 6.3V ~ 100V

JRB- Radial aluminum electrolytic capacitors
Operating Temp.: -25℃ ~ +105℃
Standard Cap. tolerance: +/-20%
Cap. range: 0.47uF~470uF
Rated Voltage: 160V ~ 450V

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