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JNC - 2000H at 85°C, Snap-in Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitor, for Speaker Network 
Can replacement to:  Epcso B41231, Nippon Chemi-con SMQ, Nichicon LS, Panasonic TS-UQ, Samwha HC series, Kendeil K26 sereis, Yageo LH series.

JNE - 2000H at 105°C, Miniaturized, Snap-in Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitor 
Can replacement to: Epcos B41252, B43515, B43525  Chemi-con KMT/KMR, Nichicon GL, AK, AQ, Panasonic HE series, Kendeil K25 series, Yagoe LG series.

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jb Special Prices for SMD Type Electrolytic Capacitors in Summer

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1.Chip type, operationg with wide temperature range -40"C~+105"C.
2.Designed for surface mounting on high density circuit board
3.Emboss carrier tape packing system is available for automatic insertion;
Comply with the RoHS directive.

Operating Temperature: -40°C~+105°C
Voltage Range: 4-100V.DC
Capacitance Rang: 0.1μF ~1000μF
Capacitance Tolerance: ±20% at 120Hz, 20°C

Dimensions (Unit: mm):                               
4*5.4; 5*5.4; 6.3*5.4; 6.3*7.7; 8*6.2; 8*10.5; 10*10.5; 10*13.5; 12.5*13.5; 12.5*16; 16*16.5; 16*21.5

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jb Screw Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitor - JMN

jb Capacitors manufactures and markets Screw Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitor, which is widely used for computers, communication powers, Hi-ripple circuit of electric vehicle, electric train, general-purpose inverter. Following are JMN series 5000H at 85°C Screw Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitor features, specifications and dimensions.


  • Load life of 5000 hours at 85°C 
  • Size may be selected 
  • High ripple current 
  • Used for computers, communication powers, Hi-ripple circuit of electric vehicle, electric train, general-purpose inverter
  • Specifications


Items Performance Characteristics
Rated Voltage Range (V) 350V~450V
Operating Temperature Range(°C) -40°C~+85°C
Capacitance Tolerance (25°C,120Hz) ±20%
Leakage Current (μA)

0.01CV or 5mA, whichever is smaller. 
(at 25°C, after 5 minutes)
Where, C: Nominal capacitance (μF)   
V: Rated voltage (V)

Dissipation Factor (25°C, 120Hz) 0.15

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jb Snap-in Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors

jb Snap-in Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors

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JNE - 2000H at 105°C, Miniaturized, Snap in Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitor
Performance Characteristics:
Operating Temperature Range (°C)  : -40℃~+105℃ (16V~100V); -25℃~+105℃(160V~600V)
Capacitance Tolerance:  ±20%

Cross Guide:

Load Life jb cap Nippon Chemi-Con Nichicon Panasonic Samwha
2000h at 105C JNE KMQ, KMH GG TS-MD HE
  KMR AK,AQ    
Load Life jb cap Epcos Kendeil Yageo DAEWOO
2000h at 105C JNE B41252 K25 LG FUH