jb Mini Box Type, 5mm Pitch Size, Stacked, MKT Polyester Film Capacitors

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JFJ--Mini Box Type, 5mm pitch size, stacked. MKT polyester film capacitors
Cross Arcotronics (Kemet) R82, Epcos B32529, Vishay MKT370,MKT365-367
Datasheet: http://www.jbcapacitors.com/pdf/JFJ-Mini-Box-Stacked-Metallized-Polyester-Film-Capacitor.pdf
Packing: Bulk & Ammo Pack

jb Capacitors Company -- Film Capacitors Cross Reference

  jb Capacitors KEMET ARCOTRONICS Wima Vishay Roederstein Philip Vishay
JFGA MKT A50 MKB 6 MKT 1813  
JFB     MKT 468, MKT 368
      MKT 467
JFJ MKT R82 (R85) MKS 2 MKT 1817 MKT 365-367
  MKS 2-i   MKT 370
  MKS 22   MKT 465
JFD MKT R66 MKS 3 MKT 1818 MKT 366-367
  MKS 10   MKT 371-466
JFD MKT R60 MKS 4 MKT 1820 MKT 368-369-372
  MKS 10 MKT 1822 MKT 373-467-468
JFN R46 MP 3-X2 MKP 338 2 MKP 339 2
JFL   FKP 3    
JFGC MKP A70   MKP 1839  
JFGD KP A72   MKP 1845  
JFQ MKP R76 MKP 10 MKP 1841 MMKP 376
  FKP 1 MKP 1846  
  jb Capacitors Pilkor Epcos Iskra Panasonic KONEK
JFGA   B 32 231-2 KEU 1012   MKT 69
    KEU 2012   MKT-70
JFB PCMT 365-367 B32591-32592   ECQV MKT 68
PCMT 369 B32593-32594   ECQE  
JFJ   B 32529 KEU 1940   MKT-55
    KEU 1930    
JFD PCMT 468 B 32520 KEU 1930   MKT-58
JFD   B 32521-2-3-4 KEU 1910    
JFN PCX2 337 B 81 130 KNB 153X ECQU MKP-15
JFL PCMP 489 B32612   ECWF MKP-75
PCMP 483        
JFGC   B32669     MKP-69
JFGD         MKP-70
JFQ PMTP 384 B 32 620-1 KNI 1910   MKP-77

jb told you what is a good Capcitors ?

A capacitor is a passive electronic component that stores energy in the form of an electrostatic field.  In its simplest form, a capacitor consists of two conducting plates separated by an insulating material called the dielectric. Capacitance is directly proportional to the surface areas of the plates, and is inversely proportional to the plates' separation.

Capacitance also depends on the dielectric constant of the dielectric material separating the plates.

The standard units of Capacitance,

farad: F
microfarad: µF (1 µF = 10-6 F)
nanofarad: nF (1 nF = 10-9 F)
picofarad: pF (1 pF = 10-12 F)

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jb offer JFC - Metallized Polyester Film Capacitor (VAC)

Film Capacitors are distinguished by their extreme reliability. They are principally used in power supplies for telecom equipment, domestic appliances and entertainment electronics. Energy-saving and environmentally friendly lighting would be inconceivable without Film Capacitors. They are also essential to high-speed Internet access.

jb Capacitors produce Metallized Polyester Film Capacitor since 1980. Metallized Polyester Film Capacitor is one of the most common series of Film Capacitors, we sell high quality with very competitive prices in the market. Following are Metallized Polyester Film Capacitor specifications.

Metallized Film Capacitors:
Operating Temperature: -40℃~+85℃
Voltage Rating: 250V.AC
Capacitance Range: 0.01~4.7μF
Capacitance Tolerance: ±5%,±10%,±20%
Pitch size: 10,15,20,22.5,26.5,31.5,31mm

Film Capacitors

Along with the high integration of semiconductor devices, the miniaturization of their components has also advanced. For a dynamic random access memory (DRAM), a high-capacity capacitor with small size is required. Ferroelectric thin film capacitors with extremely large relative permittivity have been developed for this purpose. In film capacitors, the dielectric in such film capacitors comprises a plastic film. The electrodes comprise conductive metal areas. These metal areas are either thin conductor films or conductor layers vapor-deposited onto the plastic film. Thin-film capacitor devices generally comprise a substrate and a lower electrode, a dielectric layer, and an upper layer which are deposited on the substrate in that order. Thin-film capacitors also have a semiconductor substrate functioning as a lower electrode and have a dielectric layer and an upper layer which are deposited on the semiconductor substrate in that order in some cases.

High Quality X1 Metallized Polypropylene Film AC Capacitor products, jb help you in this regards

jb Specialized in producing full series of film capacitors, jb capacitors offer X1 polypropylene film capacitors, AC capacitors.

Temperature range: -55℃~ +105℃
Capacitance Range: 0.0022uF~4.7uF                 
Rating Voltage: 300V.AC
Application: High Voltage
Type: Polypropylene Film Capacitors

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JB Cross Reference for Film Capacitor

Part Number
JB Part#
JFB--Metallized Polyester Film Capacitor
JFJ--Mini Box Stacked Metallized Polyester Film Capacitor
JFD--Box Type Metallized Polyester Film Capacitor
JFE--Mini Metallized Polyester Film Capacitor
JFG--Axial Metallized Polyester & Polypropylene Film Capacitor - Round & Flat Oval
JFA--Mylar Polyester Film Capacitor
X2 Interference suppression
JFO--X2 Metallized Polypropylene Film Capacitor - 4 Approvals.
JFN--X2 Metallized Polypropylene Film Capacitor - 8 Approvals.

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Mylar Polyester Film Capacitors --JFA (CL11)

jb capacitors produce film capacitors since 1980. Have a very good reputation in use with consumer&industrial electronics.

Our JFA Mylar polyester film capacitors (CL11) are widely used for energy saving lamps (CFL), ballasts.. many lighting products.

JFA series Mylar polyester film capacitors, CL11 series, many customers also called green capacitors, with very small size, low price.

jb capacitors company offer very short lead time for mylar film capacitors.

JFA--Mylar polyester film capacitors (CL11)

Capacitance range from 0.001uF ~0.47uF

Datasheet: http://www.jbcapacitors.com/pdf/JFA-Mylar-Polyester-Film-Capacitor.pdf

JFA - Mylar Polyester Film Capacitor

jb Film Capacitors Part Numbers--Russia

Polyester film capacitors:
K73-11, K73-15A, K73-16, K73-16V, K73-17, K73-17V, K73-21, K73-21B, K73-21G, K73-24, K73-24B, K73-5, K73-9, K73-9B, K73P-2, K73P-3, K73P-4, K76P-1,

Polypropylene capacitors:

Polystyrene film capacitors:
K71-4, K71-5, K71-7V, PM1-1

Large Can Electrolytic capacitors:
K50-17, K50-37, K50-74, K50-80, K50-84, K50-86