JFB--Metallized Polyester Film capacitors

jb capacitors wish you Merry Christmas & Happy New year!

Take this opportunity, recommend you one of our most strong series capacitor--JFB series.
JFB series is a Dipped Metallized Polyester Film capacitors,
pitch size from 10mm to 27.5mm, capacitance from 0.01uF to 10uF, voltage from 100V to 630V

This series crossed Panasonic ECQE, Vishay MKT368, Konek MKT 68, K73-17....in China called CL21..
widely used in electronic ballast, CFL, switch power supply... very popular, big demand in the market due to competitive prices.

Check our datasheet linked below, welcome to ask for quote.
JFB-Metallized Polyester Film capacitors
Datasheet: http://www.jbcapacitors.com/pdf/JFB-Metallized-Polyester-Film-Capacitor.pdf

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