jb Capacitors Company Produces Customized Motor Capacitors

Dear Motor capacitors buyers,

Besides standard 32 types JFS Motor running capacitors, "jb" also produces other Special customized motor capacitors. like 3-Wire Microfarad Ceiling Fan / Motor Capacitor.

Quite high quality, and great discount based on good quantity!

Hence, If you don't find your wanted type on our JFS Datasheet, welcome to contact our sales, we are glad to hear from you!

JFS datasheet: www.jbcapacitors.com/pdf/JFS-Motor-Capacitor.pdf

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jb JFS-24 Motor Capacitors with STUD, Aluminum Case, CE Approval

Since jb launched our strong product JFS motor starting capacitors this year, we get lots of good feedbacks on price, quality as well as delivery time.
On our booth of electronica 2014 in Germany on last week, our JFS samples are quickly sent out to different potential customer.

The JFS products on our website are normal type. We also are capable of producing some special types.
Below is a good sample of our jb JFS-24 Motor Capacitors with STUD in the bottom. We also can produce oval types.
If you have other special request for JFS motor starting capacitors, please try to contact us anytime.