jb Capacitors Motor Running and Motor Starting Capacitors

jb Capacitors developed more production lines for motor capacitors since last year, now we have 28 types of JFS motor running capacitors, and JSW motor starting capacitors.

CBB60: Motor Running Capacitor (JFS-10~21)
CBB61: Motor Running Capacitor JFS-A~D, JFS-5~7, JFS-9)
CBB65: Motor Running Capacitor (JFS-22~24), and JFS-20, JFS-21 are fully encapsulated by retardant epoxy resin. No need the case cover anymore. By doing this, the products will have high reliable and smaller size.
CD60: Motor Starting Capacitor (JSW)

Well, what is the difference between motor running and motor starting capacitors? here below we summarize for you.

1. Different Performance: running mean keep working, while starting purpose just let the machine to start, and the working time only last for few seconds actually.
2. Different Stuffing: CBB60, CBB61 are filled with epoxy resin, CBB65 are filled with refined castor oil and wax, and CD60 are filled with asphalt.
3. Different Dielectric: The dielectric of starting capacitors is Aluminum foil, while in running capacitors, it is metallized polypropylene film.
4. Different Capacitance: Running capacitors is started from 1uF (1uF~150uF), while Starting capacitors is started from 50uF (50uF~1500uF).

Also different outer case (Plastic case, and Aluminum case), application, inner construction...