jb Capacitors Attractive Offer in October

There are many kinds of capacitors, they all do same thing: store electric charge.

jb Capacitors Company is your No. 1 unfailing supply of Film capacitors & Aluminum Electrolytic 
! We are your Energy Supplement!

On October (order peaking month),  jb is ready to offer all our customers great price support! ( also great discount for good order list).
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jb Best Seller ---- JFV X2 Film Capacitors

jb capacitors is old factory since 1980. manufacturing the film capacitors, SMD & Large Can Electrolytic capacitors.

To make you know more about our products,  pls visit our website: www.jbcapacitors.com

We have the best support on high quality, good prices and 4-6 weeks lead time for X2 film capacitors. 

Welcome to visit  Electronica 2012,   jb Booth No.: B6.437/5,     13-16 November ,2012,   Munich, Germany.

jb Film Capacitors Part Numbers--Russia

Polyester film capacitors:
K73-11, K73-15A, K73-16, K73-16V, K73-17, K73-17V, K73-21, K73-21B, K73-21G, K73-24, K73-24B, K73-5, K73-9, K73-9B, K73P-2, K73P-3, K73P-4, K76P-1,

Polypropylene capacitors:

Polystyrene film capacitors:
K71-4, K71-5, K71-7V, PM1-1

Large Can Electrolytic capacitors:
K50-17, K50-37, K50-74, K50-80, K50-84, K50-86