jb Offer Good Quality Snap-in Capacitors

Happy Summer! Let's learn E-cap today. :))

For Snap in E-caps, its load life can be widely 2000~5000 Hours, we can offer standard 2 Pins and 4 Pins. (as below photo)
In our part number system, 4 Pins code "VAT", but for 2 Pins, just write "Pitch size" only to show its code. For example, two pins with Pitch size 10mm, it can write code"100".

Acording to customer's design, we can produce very special parameter for Snap in E-caps, many big Power supplier, Power meter, amplifier....manufacture approved our high quality.

Welcome to check our products link: http://www.jbcapacitors.com/Aluminum-Electrolytic-Capacitors/ for more products information.

jb Offer High Quality Screw Terminals of Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors

jb capacitors company not only produce MKT MKP Film capacitors, also produce high quality Screw 
terminals Aluminum Electrolytic capacitors, some people called Large can aluminum electrolytic capacitors, I.E. Snap-in, Screw, Lug type. Long load life, high ripple current...

Recently jb strongly recommend screw type aluminum electrolytic capacitors, with very high quality, widely use in power supply, UPS, Welding Machines, filter etc...

See below our strong series:
JMJ--Screw terminal aluminum electrolytic capacitors, 2000hours at 85C'---cross: Epcos B41456,B41458/ B43456,B43458/ B43564, B43584/ B43455, B43457 CDE: CGS series
JML--Screw terminal aluminum electrolytic capacitors, 2000hours at 105C'--Cross: 
Epcos B43740,B43760/B41560,B41580/ B43450,B43770(high ripple current)
JMN--Screw terminal aluminum electrolytic capacitors, 5000hours at 85C'
JMQ--Screw terminal aluminum electrolytic capacitors, 5000hours at 105C'