jb Collected Main Application Field of Motor Running Capacitors CBB65

jb Capacitors Company sells high quality and quite competitive prices for Motor Capacitors JFS-23, JFS-24, JFS-25
jb Motor Running Capacitors CBB65 is equipped inside with reliable explosion-proof equipment and highly safe, good stability, resistance the impact of current ,overload and strong. By vacum impregnation with aluminum package, it has good self-healing characteristic and long life-span.

Rated Voltage

Nominal Capacitance

With Safety







20+1.5,20+5, 25+1.5…





Broadly applied to starting and running of AC single-phase motors at 50Hz(60Hz) frequency for family air conditioners and high power illuminators for the sake of power factor compensation.

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jb Capacitors Share CBB65 Motor Capacitors Installation Guidance

jb produce two terminals and three terminals CBB65 motor running capacitors, in this section, we would like to share the installation guidance on two terminals JFS-22JFS-24 capacitors. 
Please refer to our JFS-22, JFS-24 photos as below, you will notice that JFS-22 has two terminals and each terminal with 2 metal sheets. JFS-24 also has two terminals but each terminal with 4 metal sheets. Technically, the product construction and electrical performance are the same between JFS-22 and JFS-24, except the terminal. So why there are difference on the terminal?

When using the motor capacitors, usually we need to find the match terminal contact for them, finally the capacitors will be connected with wires to for various application. 
Normally JFS-24 is more common and widely used than JFS-22. JFS-24 each terminal with 4 metal sheets, 
This is to say, you can use either of the 2 metal sheets each time and let the rest 2 metal sheets as backup or connect for other components in the application. 
So JFS-24 in some extent is replaceable for JFS-22.

Now let us see how it looks like finally when we use them in the application. This is for reference and study purpose only.
We wish you have an clear idea on how to choose our CBB65 motor running capacitors.

jb JFS-24 Motor Capacitors with STUD, Aluminum Case, CE Approval

Since jb launched our strong product JFS motor starting capacitors this year, we get lots of good feedbacks on price, quality as well as delivery time.
On our booth of electronica 2014 in Germany on last week, our JFS samples are quickly sent out to different potential customer.

The JFS products on our website are normal type. We also are capable of producing some special types.
Below is a good sample of our jb JFS-24 Motor Capacitors with STUD in the bottom. We also can produce oval types.
If you have other special request for JFS motor starting capacitors, please try to contact us anytime.

jb New Product Introduction Motor Running Capacitor --- JFS-24

Do you feel you have grasped more technical knowledge than before about motor capacitor? Yes, you will know more if you go on reading blog from jb Capacitors Company.
In fact the main difference of a motor running capacitor and motor starting capacitors is there inside material. We call the essence.

CBB60 Motor Running Capacitor (JFS-A~DJFS-5~7JFS-9) : Use metallized polypropylene film as dielectric and filled with retardant epoxy resin.
CBB61 Motor Running Capacitor(JFS-10~21): Use metallized polypropylene film as dielectric and filled with retardant epoxy resin.
CBB65 Motor Running Capacitor(JFS-22~24): Use metallized polypropylene film as dielectric and filled by refined castor oil and wax.
CD60 Motor Starting Capacitor (JSW-A,B,C): Using aluminum foil  as dielectric, which is the core, then fixed core asphalt filler.

JFS - 24 is highly used in air-conditioning products with P1 and P2 standard. In order to pursuit high quality, all of our jb motor capacitors are with B degree.

Please refer to below picture, if you need more information, please feel free to contact with us.