jb Capacitors Radial Polymer Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors Favorable Offer

Do you use Radial Polymer Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors?

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PSS - 2000H at 105°C Standard Low ESR Radial Polymer Aluminum Solid Electrolytic Capacitors
PSR - 2000H at 105°C Super Low ESR Radial Polymer Aluminum Solid Electrolytic Capacitors

jb Capacitors Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors Application and Advantages

We know that there are many types of capacitors, depending on the material, application, characteristics and size.

let us talk about aluminum E-cap today which is always be in great demand in market.
Compared with other types of capacitors, aluminum E-cap can offer big capacitance and very high price advantage, main use for rectification and filtering circuit.
Application field can used in industrial inverters, servo drives, power supplies, home appliances such as TV sets, inverter air conditioners, new energy sources such as photovoltaic power generation, wind power generation, etc.
There are many brands in the market that produce aluminum electrolytic capacitors. Have you found a supplier you can trust?
jb offer wide series for different application, our output is 2KK at least each Month. 
We are not only offer competitive price also make sure stable quality.
All products print our brand name "jb", we have responsibility for all products we sell.
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jb Extend Product Range for Axial Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors

Good news! Jb capacitors company extend production again. Below Axial aluminum electrolytic capacitors are available for you.
Pls. check our datasheet from our website, collect your RFQs and send to us for quote.

JAH - 1000H at 105°C, Axial Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitor Features
Load life of 1000 hours at 105°C
Low Voltage
2 Rubber Types
For general purpose application
RoHS Directive Compliant

SMD Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors New Offer from jb Capacitors Company

jb Capacitors Company currently produce more SMD type aluminum electrolytic capacitors. Please check below and get more details from our website or contact our sales. 

JCS- SMD aluminum electrolytic capacitors, 2000hours at 85C' -- General purpose
JCK- SMD aluminum electrolytic capacitors, 1000~2000hours at 105C' -- General purpose
JCC- SMD aluminum electrolytic capacitors, 2000hours at 85C' -- Low Leakage(0.5~3.3μA max.)
JCD- SMD aluminum electrolytic capacitors, 2000hours at 105C' --Low impedance
JCE- SMD aluminum electrolytic capacitors, 2000~3000 hours at 105C'
JCL- SMD aluminum electrolytic capacitors, 3000~5000 hours at 105C'
JCN- SMD aluminum electrolytic capacitors, 1000 hours at 85C' -- Bi-polar
JCZ- SMD aluminum electrolytic capacitors, 3000 hours at 105C' -- Extra low impedance

jb - JRA Leaded Radial Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors

jb - JRA Leaded Radial Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors 


• Operating Temperature Range: -40° C to +85° C 
• Rated Voltage Range: 6.3 to 450 VDC
• Rated Capacitance Range: 0.1µF to 15000µF
• Endurance : 85℃ 2000 hours Guaranteed
• Case Size : 5mm x 11mm to 18mm x 40mm
• RoHS Directive Compliant


• Increased Availability 
• Excellent ripple current capability
• Space and Cost Savings
• RoHS Compliant


• Switching Power Supplies
• Home Appliances
• General Purpose