jb Box Type Metallized Polypropylene Film Capacitor For Capacitive Divider

As capacitor voltage divider in applications requiring a high capacitance stability over time, we highly suggest you to use jb new designed capacitors, specifically designed for applications in serial with the 100~240Vac main. 


For use in series with the 100~240Vac main
According to RoHS 2011/65/EU
High Capacitance stability for harsh environment.
Relevant for capacitive divider power supply, power meter, emergency lighting, thermostat, interference suppression.

Typical Capacitance and Values For Capacitive Divider:

564, 0.56uF 400VDC(230VAC)+/-10%, Pitch:22.5mm, WxHxT: (26.5x17x8.5) +/-1mm , Bulk Packing, RoHS
684, 0.68uF 400VDC(230VAC)+/-10%, Pitch:27.5mm, WxHxT: (32x20x11) +/-1mm , Bulk Packing, RoHS
824, 0.82uF 630VDC(310VAC)+/-10%, Pitch:22.5mm, WxHxT: (26.5x19x10) +/-1mm, Bulk Packing, RoHS

jb Radial Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors' Ammo Packing Standard

jb Capacitors Company produce kinds of Radial Lead Aluminum electrolytic capacitors, with standard
Bulk pack and Ammo Pack.

1. About Ammo pack, if Diameter ≤ 8mm, we offer Kink Leads Ammo Pack. (as below photo)

2. while, if Diameter >8mm, we offer straight leads Ammo Pack. (as below photo)

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