jb X2 Film Capacitors Stock Offer--JFV series

In order to meet some customers' urgent request, jb capacitors company plan to sell stock X2 film capacitors from July.

Now we have below stock X2 Metallized Polypropylene Film Capacitors, welcome to ask for quote

JFV-X2 Metallized polypropylene film capacitor, cross to Epcos B81130, Vishay MKP3382, Kemet R46,etc.

0.1uF 275VAC +/-10% P:15mm Bulk RoHS Part#: JFV0A1104K150000B, .

0.22uF 275VAC +/-10% P:15mm Bulk RoHS Part#: JFV0A1224K150000B

X2 film capacitors widely used in powersupply, amplifier, electronic ballast, white goods, automotive etc..

jb capacitors JFV series X2 film capacitor is one of the most strong series, best seller, with jb UL,TUV,CE approvals.

Stock samples & goods are available! First come first served!

jb Mylar polyester film capacitors used for Home Refrigerato

Kindly note Mylar Polyester Film capacitor can be used in Home Refrigerator with 1200V high voltage and value (1000pF /2200pF /2700pF /3300pF ).

JFA--Mylar polyester film capacitors, green capacitors.

1000pF 1200V

2200pF 1200V

2700pF 1200V

3300pF 1200V

Datasheet: http://www.jbcapacitors.com/pdf/JFA-Mylar-Polyester-Film-Capacitor.pdf

What is your application ? What kind of capacitors do you use ?

jb Development Tendency of Film Capacitors

Film capacitors mainly used in electronics, home appliance, communication, electrified railway, HEV(Hybrid Electric Vehicle), wind power generation, solar electrical energy generation etc..

As the demand of film capacitors for frequency home appliance is bigger than that of common home appliance, its advantages of energy conservation and environmental protection are more and more popular, future market is much bigger. After Japanese earthquake, frequency home appliance market much bigger than CFL, and the development potential even bigger.

With the development of technology, electronics, home appliances, communications and other industries replacement cycles are getting shorter, and film capacitors with its good electrical performance and high reliability, become the indispensable electronics components for promoting and upgrading of the above industries.With the next few years, digital, information technology, network construction and further development of countries in the power grid construction, electrification of railway construction, energy efficient lighting, hybrid cars, etc. to increase investment and consumer electronics products, upgrades, market demand for film capacitors will further show rapid growth trend