jb Offer High Quality Screw Terminals of Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors

jb capacitors company not only produce MKT MKP Film capacitors, also produce high quality Screw 
terminals Aluminum Electrolytic capacitors, some people called Large can aluminum electrolytic capacitors, I.E. Snap-in, Screw, Lug type. Long load life, high ripple current...

Recently jb strongly recommend screw type aluminum electrolytic capacitors, with very high quality, widely use in power supply, UPS, Welding Machines, filter etc...

See below our strong series:
JMJ--Screw terminal aluminum electrolytic capacitors, 2000hours at 85C'---cross: Epcos B41456,B41458/ B43456,B43458/ B43564, B43584/ B43455, B43457 CDE: CGS series
JML--Screw terminal aluminum electrolytic capacitors, 2000hours at 105C'--Cross: 
Epcos B43740,B43760/B41560,B41580/ B43450,B43770(high ripple current)
JMN--Screw terminal aluminum electrolytic capacitors, 5000hours at 85C'
JMQ--Screw terminal aluminum electrolytic capacitors, 5000hours at 105C'

jb Snap-in Aluminum Electrolytic capacitors used in Motor

jb capacitors company is very strong on Aluminum electrolytic capacitors, including snap-in, screw type and lug type.

Snap-in Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors is widely used on power supply. If the end product is industrial motor, some customer may requires to add a mica sheet of plastic layer or other non-flammable material between the Aluminum electrolytic body and PCB. As we know, the motor has vibrations, and it keeps running 24 hours, so that the capacitor will be very hot. The piece of plastic layer is used as insulation to prevent the capacitor from shorting itself.

jbTape and Reel package way for SMD/Chip Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors

Tape and Reel is a process of packing surface mount devices (SMD's) by loading them into individual pockets comprising what is known as a pocket tape or carrier tape. The carrier tape is wound around a reel for convenient handling and transport. The reel is enclosed in a reel box before it is finally shipped to the customer.

A Tape-and-Reel holds hundreds-to-thousands of surface mount devices. This saves in labor and will further reduce manufacturing costs for automated circuit board assembly.

jb capacitors company manufactures and markets SMD Aluminum Electrolytic capacitors. They are both with tape-and-reel package.

JCS - 2000H at 85°C SMD Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors

JCK- 1000H at 105°C SMD Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors

jb JMQ--screw type aluminium electrolytic capaciotrs

JMQ is one of our screw type aluminium electrolytic capaciotrs. it can be used in electrical source panel.

And one of the panel function is that it can control pulse current discharge in plasma generator device.

Pls. click the link for the specification.


jb Electrolytic Capacitors

Aluminum is used for the electrodes by using a thin oxidization membrane. Large values of capacitance can be obtained in comparison with the size of the capacitor, because the dielectric used is very thin. The most important characteristic of electrolytic capacitors is that they have polarity. They have a positive and a negative electrode.[Polarised] This means that it is very important which way round they are connected. If the capacitor is subjected to voltage exceeding its working voltage, or if it is connected with incorrect polarity, it may burst. It is extremely dangerous, because it can quite literally explode. Make absolutely no mistakes.

Generally, in the circuit diagram, the positive side is indicated by a "+" (plus) symbol.

Electrolytic capacitors range in value from about 1µF to thousands of µF. mainly this type of capacitor is used as a ripple filter in a power supply circuit, or as a filter to bypass low frequency signals, etc. Because this type of capacitor is comparatively similar to the nature of a coil in construction, it isn't possible to use for high-frequency circuits. (It is said that the frequency characteristic is bad.)

jb Electrolytic Capacitors Foil

The aluminum foil that makes up the plates in the electrolytic capacitor is treated in a few different processes to make it work properly and more efficiently. The most important process is the anodizing of the foil. Anodizing is a process that forms a very thin layer of aluminum oxide on one or both sides of the foil when the foil is immersed in an acidic solution and direct current is applied to the foil (one lead of the DC power supply is connected to the foil and the other is connected to a conductive plate in the acidic solution). This layer of aluminum oxide is the dielectric (insulator) and serves to block the flow of direct current. To increase the surface area on the foil (and ultimately increase capacitance), the foil can be etched by a chemical process. This would be done before the anodizing.

jb Electrolytic Capacitors

Electrolytic caps are more complex than film capacitors and are generally used for larger capacitance values (0.47 microfarad and higher). The electrolytic capacitor generally consists of 2 layers of aluminum foil with a layer of paper material between the plates. It looks a little like this:

jb Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitor Usage at High Altitudes

Here are precautions in using aluminum electrolytic capacitors at high altitudes, such as in 
mountainous regions and in aircrafts.

As the altitude rises, the air pressure decreases. Therefore, if the capacitor is used at high altitudes, the atmospheric pressure becomes lower than the internal pressure of the capacitor. Due to the 
construction of the aluminum electrolytic capacitor, there is no concern in using them at altitudes lower than about 10,000 (m).

jb Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitor Recommended Conditions

For reflow, use thermal conduction systems such as infrared radiation (IR) or hot blast. Vapor heat 
transfer systems (VPS) are not recommended.

Observe proper soldering conditions (temperature, time, etc.).
Do not exceed the specified limits.
Temperature measuring method: Measure temperature in assuming quantitative production, by sticking the thermo-couple to the capacitor upper part with epoxy adhesives.
Consult us for additional reflow restrictions.

jb Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitor -----JNE Features、Construction


  • Load life of 2000 hours at 105°C
  • High ripple current
  • Smaller size
  • PCB Mounting


  • Charge/discharge-proof, polar
  • Aluminum case, fully insulated with PVC
  • Version with PET insulation available
  • Version with additional PET insulation cap on terminal side
  • available for insulating the capacitor from the PCB
  • Snap-in solder pins to hold component in place on PC-board
  • Minus pole marking on case surface
  • Minus pole not insulated from case
  • Overload protection by safety vent on the base