jb Offer a New Strong Series SMD Capacitors—JCW

We offer SMD capacitor with competitive price and good quality. Recently, we renewed our production line. So we can manufacture more new kinds of products. Following is one of our new series—JCW.
Are you looking for a long life SMD capacitor? Please feel free to mail us your inquiry. 
We will try best to offer you our favorable price! 

-Life time 105’C 10000hrs standard product
-High stability and reliability
-Reflow soldering is available
-Available for high densify surface mounting
-Comply with the RoHS directive.

Operating Temperature

-40’C~ +105’C

Voltage Range

6.3V ~ 450V.DC

Capacitance Range

1 ~ 1000uF

Capacitance Tolerance   

+/-20% at 120Hz, 20’C

Leakage Current

6.3V ~ 50V.DC, I≤ 0.03CV (uA) or 4 (uA)whichever is greater (after 2 minutes);

160V ~ 450V.DC I≤ 0.04CV + 100 (uA) (after 2 minutes)

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