jb New Plastic Film Capacitors—JFMA - Box Type Metallized Polypropylene Film Capacitor For Capacitive Divider

The new year is soon upon us, if you are considering upgrading your products allow us to inform you on good news regarding our range.
jb have a new serries for the Box Type plastic film capacitors-JFMA
Widely used in LC resonant, high frequency, high current situations.
Below you will find our JFMA situations.
This is no need for concern, the LC resonant will maintain its stability like never before!
Furthermore current promotions have allowed prices to drop considerably, so now is the time to buy.
If you are interested don't hesitate in contacting us with your request for a product sampling test.
Metallized polypropylene film, non-inductive wound construction.
Good self-healing properties, withstanding surge voltage stressing.
Long stability of capacitance.
Good properties in damp environment.
Excellent active and passive flame resistant abilities. 

Operating Temperature

-40°C~ +105°C

Rated Voltage


Capacitance Range

0.0047 ~ 3.9μF

Capacitance Tolerance

±5%, ±10%

Insulation Resistance

C0.33μf ; IR≥50000MOhm
C>0.33μF ; IR≥15000MOhm

Dissipation Factor

0.1% max. at 1KHz, 20°C

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