Why not change the units to be better sizes in Electronics?

It might seem a good idea to make the farad (F) much smaller to avoid having to use µF, nF and pF, but if we did this most of the equations in electronics would have to have factors of 1000000 or more included as well as the quantities. Overall it is much better to have the units with their present sizes which are defined logically from the equations.

In fact if you use an equation frequently you can use special sets of prefixed units which are more convenient...

For example: Ohm's Law, V = I × R
the standard units are volt (V), amp (A) and ohm (Ω),
but you could use volt (V), milliamp (mA) and kilo-ohm (kΩ) if you prefer.
Take care though, you must never mix sets of units: using V, A and kΩ in Ohm's Law would give you wrong values.

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