jb capacitors tell you the Quantities in Electronics

The table shows electrical quantities which are used in electronics.

The relationship between quantities can be written using words or symbols (letters), but symbols are normally used because they are much shorter; for example V is used for voltage, I for current and R for resistance:

As a word equation:

voltage = current×resistance

The same equation using symbols: V=I×R

To prevent confusion we normally use the same symbol (letter) for each quantity and these symbols.

Please click on the quantities in the table for further information.

Quantity Usual Symbol Unit Unit Symbol
Voltage V volt V
Current I amp* A
Charge Q coulomb C
Resistance R ohm Ω
Capacitance C farad F
Inductance L henry H
Reactance X ohm Ω
Impedance Z ohm Ω
Power P watt W
Energy E joule J
Time t second s
Frequency f hertz Hz
* strictly the unit is ampere, but this is almost always shortened to amp.

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