jb CBB60 AC Motor Running Capacitors — JFS-17

Specification of CBB60 Capacitor : jb JFS-17 

Reference Standard


Climatic Category


Rated Voltage


Capacitance Range


Capacitance Tolerance


Withstand Voltage

AC≥2UR 2S(lmax≤1.3 lnA)

Dissipation Factor

≤0.004 1KHz(JFS-10~18)

Insulation Resistance


Feature and use : CBB60 Capacitors offer self-healing Metallized Polypropylene Film dielectric system, outstanding electrical characteristics, high capacitance stability over time and temperature, and very low internal power losses (Dissipation Factor). The CBB60 series is ideal for start and run applications in single-phase asynchronous motors and general A.C. applications at industrial frequencies.

Applications : jb Capacitors Company CBB60 can be widely used as the start-up and running capacitor that is special for micro water pump, cleaning machine, washing machine, and single-phase water pump motor, etc.

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