jb SMD Electrolytic Capacitors Offer

 SMD Electrolytic Capacitors Offer  (jb capacitors)

We produce 22 series of MKT, MKP film capacitors.  Our JFV X2 MKP Safety Capacitor and JFD Box type metallized polyester capacitor
are used on Bosch and Philips application.  We produce high quality capacitors.

Besides, we wouldd like to recommend you our strong series SMD Electrolytic Capacitor, please check below our description and simple cross guide.
Just send me your inquiry please, I will offer you our the most attractive prices.

JCS-- SMD aluminum electrolytic capacitors 85'C
JCK-- SMD aluminum electrolytic capacitors 105'C


Contact : Ms. May Wong---Sales Manager by email  may@jbcapacitors.hk

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