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Hello! Sirs,
This is Ms. Sophia, I have been working in jb capacitors company for almost 5 years.  I like working here as we believe we can offer customers the most satisfied capacitors.
The company engage in film capacitors for almost 30 years, insist on producing the high quality but  low prices film capacitors, and provide the prompt and most efficient response. We hope more and more manufacturers or distributors will buy our good quality capacitors,as we want to save both time cost and materials cost for them.
Dear Sir, if your company use MKT, MKP,MKS Film Capacitors, welcome to send me inquiry or order list for quotation.

Two top popular series:

JFB--Metallized Polyester Film Capacitors
(Cross: CL21; K73-17; B32592~32594; MKT368; ECQE, ECQV; PCMT 365,366,367. )

JFV--X2 Metallized Polypropylene Film Capacitors ( TUV, UL, CE approvals)
(Cross: R46; MKP3382; ECQU; PHE840M; B81 130; PCX2 337; KNB153X. )

Ms. Sophia Huang--Sales Supervisor
mail: sophia@jbcapacitors.hk

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