jb Mylar polyester film capacitors features and applications

Mylar Polyester film has a lot of mechanical, di-electrical, excellent optical and physical strength and so it is been widely used in many fields. It is mainly used for the purpose of insulation and is used in electrical equipment, appliance, and membrane switch.

The features of Mylar Polyester film capacitor are as follows. It is train-and tear-resistant, dimensionally stable and has excellent electrical properties. This material has good heat-and cold-resistant properties and is resistant to common solvents. The main application of Mylar Polyester film capcitor is that it is used as intermediate and top layer insulation in transformers, chokes and relay coils. Furthermore, it is used as slot and phase insulation, as a cover slide, in electric machinery, generators, as insulating layer for magnets and in electrical equipment been used..

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