jb Dipped Metallized Polypropylene Film Capacitor For Capacitive Divider

As capacitor voltage divider in applications requiring a high capacitance stability over time, we highly suggest you to use jb new designed capacitors, specifically designed for applications in serial with the 100~240Vac main.

For use in series with the 100~240Vac main
According to RoHS 2011/65/EU
High Capacitance stability for harsh environment.
Relevant for capacitive divider power supply, power meter, emergency lighting, thermostat, interference suppression.

Typical Capacitance and Values For Capacitive Divider:
334, 0.33uF 400VDC (230VAC) +/-10%, Pitch:15.0mm, LxTxH: (18x9x16mm) Max, Bulk Packing, RoHS
474, 0.47uF 400VDC (230VAC) +/-10%, Pitch:20.0mm, LxTxH: (23x8x15mm) Max, Bulk Packing, RoHS
394, 0.39uF 630VDC (310VAC) +/-10%, Pitch:22.5mm, LxTxH: (25x8.5x15mm) Max, Bulk Packing, RoHS

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