jb CBB61 AC Motor Starting Capacitor --- JFS


  • Electrical apparatue use metalized film with precisely quality control. 
  • Low D.F. (dissipation factor), lower temperature rise. 
  • High I.R. (insulation resistance) and small size.   
  • Good capacitance stability, Excellent self-healigh property. 
  • Applicable for AC single-way motor with 50~60Hz frequency, CE approval.
Operating Condition  -25℃~+70℃
Capacitance Range  1uF~20uF(JFS-A~D、JFS-5~7、JFS-9)
Capacitance Tolerance J(±5%)、K(±10%)
Rated Voltage 250V 450V (AC)
Withstand Voltage AC≥2UR 2S(lmax≤1.3 lnA)
Dissipation Factor ≤0.003 1KHz(JFS-A~D、JFS-5~7、JFS-9)
Insulation Resistance ≥3000S
CE approval and RoHS compliant Class of safety protection P0
AC fan, ceiling fan, AC centrifugal fan, AC cooling fan, axial fan, tube axial fan, centrifugal blower, fan guard, cross flow, industrial fans etc.


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