jb Capacitors Company offer Polystyrene film capacitors

key words: Polystyrene film capacitors, Radial Film Capacitors, Axial film capacitors; As you know, Polystyrene capacitors are not widely available these days.there are only a few suppliers of Polystyrene film capacitors in current market, jb capacitors company can offer you this series.

Polystyrene film capacitors provide extremely low losses, low dielectric absorption, good long-term stability, very high insulation resistance and a small negative temperature coefficient. With their excellent electrical characteristics, Polystyrene film capacitors are ideal for use: tuner & equalization circuits; commercial, industrial & measuring instruments; critical analog circuits; filters, tuned, integrators & sample-and-hold circuits; IF transformers; pulse networks; analogue & digital computing circuits and critical timing circuits such as VCO (voltage-controlled oscillators) and VCF (voltage-controlled filters).

Our JFR-Polystyrene Film Capacitor, including axial and radial type, is with high precision of capacitance.

For more details, pls check our specification link. http://www.jbcapacitors.com/pdf/JFR-Radial-Axial-Polystyrene-Film-Capacitor.pdf

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