jb Motor Capacitor - CBB61

Since jb launch of the motor capacitors, many customers liked it very much. Now, we list more comprehensive information about the motor capacitors for you reference.

General description:
Broadly applied to starting and running of single-phase AC motors at 50Hz(60Hz) frequency for air conditioners fans, electric fans and exhaust fans, ect; at compatatively low reted power.

The capacitor takes heavy-edge metallized. AI/Zn PP film or web-like fuse metallized PP film as dielectrie, its components are assembled in flame-retardant ABS or PBT square crust, impregnated with flame-retatdant epoxy resin. It has high reliablity and stability. 

Operating Condition


Capacitance Range


Capacitance Tolerance


Rated Voltage

250V 450V (AC)

Withstand Voltage

AC≥2UR 2S(lmax≤1.3 lnA)

Dissipation Factor

≤0.003 1KHz(JFS-A~DJFS-5~7JFS-9)

Insulation Resistance


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jb Has Great Support for CBB61 Motor Capacitors -- JFS-6

Motor capacitors are operation capacitors for single-phase induction motors with auxiliary winding and three-phase motor in steinmetz circuits.

Motor capacitors are self-healing capacitors, i.e. a weak point in the dielectric would become ineffective by itself since the metal coating evaporates at the weak point.

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Below are some main applications for motor start capacitors. and our JFS-6 series motor start capacitor picture.
Household and domestic appliances.
Office machines.
Heating and ventilation techniques.
Garden and recreational equipment.