jb Invitation for 2012 Electronica

Dear Sir or Madam ,
   Herewith jb Capacitors Company sincerely would like to invite you to visit our Booth No. B6.437/5 for the global famous electronic components show -----
2012 Electronica in Munich , Germany, on Nov. 13th ~16th, 2012. 
   jb Capacitors Company is professional manufacturer for high quality metalized polyester & polypropylene film capacitors since 1980.

Top sellers:
JFB—Metallized Polyester Film Capacitors 
JFV—Class X2 Metallized Polypropylene Film Capacitors
JFV Class X2 have 
ENEC, VDE, UL safety approvals for 275VAC, 305VAC, 310VAC.

Signature:    Mrs. Sophia Huang     
 Assisant Sales Manager

jb Capacitors Company---ISO 9001:2000 factory; RoHS SGS; ENEC, VDE, UL.

jb Film Capacitors Part Numbers--Russia

Polyester film capacitors:
K73-11, K73-15A, K73-16, K73-16V, K73-17, K73-17V, K73-21, K73-21B, K73-21G, K73-24, K73-24B, K73-5, K73-9, K73-9B, K73P-2, K73P-3, K73P-4, K76P-1,

Polypropylene capacitors:

Polystyrene film capacitors:
K71-4, K71-5, K71-7V, PM1-1

Large Can Electrolytic capacitors:
K50-17, K50-37, K50-74, K50-80, K50-84, K50-86